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@acogoluegnes acogoluegnes released this Sep 27, 2019 · 37 commits to master since this release

Changes between 1.2.0.RELEASE and 1.3.0.RELEASE

This release includes new features, bug fixes, and dependency upgrades. It is compatible with 1.3.0.RELEASE.

Thanks to @vanseverk, @pmackowski, and @philsttr for their contribution on this release.

Add support for handling returned (undeliverable) messages in Sender

GitHub issue: #95

Allow passive exchange and queue declaration

GitHub issue: #84

Add hook to configure Mono<Connection>

GitHub issue: #105

Support client-generated consumer tags

GitHub issue: #96

Make Sender and Receiver closing more robust

GitHub issue: #103

Remove ConfirmListener from Channel

GitHub issue: #98

Cache Connection and Channel only on success

GitHub issue: #94

Using connectionSupplier results in multiple connections created

GitHub issue: #93

Emit exception on server-initiated channel closing

GitHub issue: #86

Do not close channel in RpcClient

GitHub issue: #92

Bump Reactor to 3.3.0.RELEASE

GitHub issue: #91

Bump Java client to 5.7.3

GitHub issue: #90

Make sure RPC client is thread-safe

GitHub issue: #81

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