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= Version 0.0.1 Miracle Born
* Just basics
= Version 0.0.2 MVC Princess
* static files middleware
* MVC layer
* sessions, cookies
* integrated merb-auth
= Version 0.0.3
= Version 0.0.4
= Version 0.1
* [FEATURE] environments support
* [FEATURE] installation without RubyGems
* [FEATURE] HTTP caching
* [FEATURE] Hooks for Rendering
* [SPECS] Integration with
* [SPECS] All specs passing
* SimpleTemplater, RubyExts & CLI
* [FEATURE] Bundler Support
* [FEATURE] Generic view
* [FEATURE] Project generator
* [FEATURE] Rack-mount support
= Version 0.1.1
* Tilt support
* Removed old merb-helpers
* Reworked generic views
* Default attributes for Haml
* MessagesMixin and FiltersMixin were divided from Rango::Controller
* Shebang is just ruby rather than ruby1.9, so it plays well with rvm
* ImplicitRendering and ExplicitRendering mixins for using locals
vs. rendering in context of current controller instance
= Version 0.1.2, 13/12/2009
* Sequel support
* Project generator renamed to stack generator
* Removed app and bigapp generators
* Added migration task for DataMapper
* Removed layer of ORM adapters
* Removed Project constant and settings
* Much more modular design
* Removed dependencies, since you can use whichever subset of Rango
* There is instead of Project.router
= Version 0.2.0, 24/12/2009
* Sequel support
* Logger is now configurable, you don't have to use any particular one
* Rango doesn't depend on RubyExts anymore
* Fixed status and headers settings in controller
* Fixed partial, extend_block and created includes for required-like functionality for templates
* Generators refactored, better env support
* Rango::Controller#redirect returns escaped location URL
* More modularity and granularity, Rango now plays nicely with other frameworks
* Refactored controller and it's now possible to write strategies for arguments passed to views
* ActionArgs for passing data from params to views (default behaviour in stack application)
* Rango itself use bundler rather than git submodules
* rake hooks will install task for removing whitespace in pre-commit hook, contributors should use it!
* Template helpers can work with paths relative to current template via ./path.html resp. ../path.html. All other paths are relative to the template paths.
* Use simple-logger as a default logger or standar logger if the simple-logger isn't installed.
= Version 0.2.1
* More inteligent environments handling, just use Rango.environment and it will detect the proper one from ENV["RACK_ENV"], RACK_ENV constant or it will defaults to development. Rango.environment=(environment) will set all these variables so everything will stay consistent.
* MongoMapper supported in stack generator (rango create stack blog --orm=mongomapper)
* Added Rango::StackController which is more complete than just basic Rango::Controller
= Version 0.2.2
* Sequel support in contrib/pagination
= Version 0.2.3
* Experimental support for bundler 0.9
* Controller#redirect takes a block where you get the exception, so you can set headers etc
* [FIX] Cookies are passed into the redirect request
* [FIX] All non-http exceptions which occur in controller are captured and passed to rescue_http_error as a new instance of InternalServerError, except development environment where we want to get the Rack error screen.
* [FIX] Fixed encoding problem in messages. It's actually Rack fault, but hey.
= Version 0.2.4
* Removed all helpers, if you need some, use
* [FEATURE] Added rango/mailer with mail helper for sending e-mails
* Rango.root & Rango.media_path are now instances of Pathname rather than String
* rango/environments are no longer optional
* Ripple support in stack generator
* Removed Erubis support, since it doesn't support <%= block(&block) %> so it's useless for us
* Specs are green again
= Version 0.2.5
* Conventional rendering mixin for high-level rendering methods like autorender
* Added RESTController class as a base class for REST controllers
* Added CRUDMixin with controller CRUD methods
* UrlHelper#url can work not just as url(:post, but also as url(:post, @post)
* Action args mixin doesn't raise argument error if there are some splat or block arguments
* Template caching
* Fixed gemspec to find executables
* First simple MIME support
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