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15 lines (15 sloc) 0.75 kb do |s| = %q{tamtam}
s.version = "0.0.3"
s.rubyforge_project = 'tamtam' = %q{2007-10-05}
s.summary = %q{Inline a CSS stylesheet into an HTML document.}
s.description = %q{Email services like GMail and Hotmail don't like stylesheets. The only way around it is to use inline tags. Replacing stylesheet references with inline tags is a pain in the arse. Use this tool to do the dirty work for you.} = %q{}
s.homepage = %q{}
s.authors = ["Dave Hoover"]
s.require_paths = ['.','lib']
s.requirements = []
s.files = ["lib/tamtam.rb"]
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