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Author: Jason Baldridge ( Author: Simon Hafner (

The name "tshrdlu" comes from Twitter+SHRDLU.

The @botty_anlp account is now doing some tweeting of its own (by which I mean automated tweeting, based on the code in this repository).

Talking to the bot

The bot should be running as @botty_anlp, feel free to talk to it. Please keep crashes reproducible.

Commands the bot currently understands:

Adding models

@botty_anlp .* tweets about $keyword like $name $name $name
@botty_anlp .* tweets like $name $name $name about $keyword 

The order doesn't matter, I didn't want to look it up every time. If the model already exists, it will add the users you provided. Might not give a response the second time because twitter doesn't like posting the same status twice.

Improving models

@botty_anlp no .*
@botty_anlp bad bot .*

As a reply to a tweet that you thing doesn't correspond to the model. The .* so you don't have to delete your own status to avoid the same problem as above with the same tweet twice.


Setting up oauth

Write src/main/resources/, see for reference.

Building the system from source

tshrdlu uses SBT (Simple Build Tool) with a standard directory structure. To build tshrdlu, type (in the TSHRDLU_DIR directory):

$ ./build update compile

This will compile the source files and put them in ./target/classes. If this is your first time running it, you will see messages about Scala being downloaded -- this is fine and expected. Once that is over, the tshrdlu code will be compiled.

Running it

Then you can create the scala model running

$ bin/tshrdlu run tshrdlu.twitter.retweet.ScalaModel

It doesn't exit when it's finished (I didn't bother), so ^C as soon as you read "Got model of None about Set(Scala)" or similar. This will store the model.

Then you can run the bot with

$ bin/tshrdlu bot


Don't use sbt (or ./build) to run the bot. This will cause a crash because the classloader can't find twitter4j.*.StatusJSONImpl. Blame SBT. Works fine with bin/tshrdlu. If you still like a repl, try

$ bin/tshrdlu repl

Then copy/paste the following into the repl:

val system = tshrdlu.twitter.retweet.RetweetTester.setup("twitter")

This loads the actor system of the bot and connects it to the FilterStream from Twitter. If you don't want it to setup the FilterStream, you can choose commandLine instead of twitter.