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# ReactOS FSD porting/syncing reference file
# Update this file when you port/sync a FSD from an external source.
The following FSD are shared with:
reactos/drivers/filesystems/btrfs # Synced to 1.4
reactos/dll/shellext/shellbtrfs # Synced to 1.1
reactos/sdk/lib/fslib/btrfslib # Synced to 1.4
The following FSD are shared with:
reactos/drivers/filesystems/ext2 # Synced to 0.69
The following FSD are shared with:
reactos/drivers/filesystems/ffs # Synced to 0.5.2
reactos/drivers/filesystems/reiserfs # Synced to 0.26
The following FSD are shared with:
reactos/drivers/filesystems/fastfat_new # Synced to 2817004
reactos/drivers/filesystems/cdfs # Synced to f73e552
reactos/drivers/storage/floppy_new # Synced to 9d23d43
The following FS libs are shared with:
reactos/sdk/lib/fslib/vfatlib/check # Synced to 4.1
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