[Stream] Fix infinite loop writing to closed stream #273

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cboden commented Feb 16, 2014

refs #211

I was able to create a 100% CPU spike by not draining the buffer on the client side and then closing the connection when there was data in the write buffer on the server side.

Because feof reports true when read OR write is closed we previously tried to determine this status by meta data but that's now proved unreliable. This PR will ignore feof in the write buffer until 0 data has been sent - which either means the buffer is full (not an error) or the buffer is closed for writing.

I ran /examples/tcp-chat.php and used this script to create the 100% CPU spike:


require __DIR__ . '/../vendor/autoload.php';

$loop = React\EventLoop\Factory::create();
$dnsResolverFactory = new React\Dns\Resolver\Factory();
$dns = $dnsResolverFactory->createCached('', $loop);
$connector = new React\SocketClient\Connector($loop, $dns);

$sender = null;

$connector->create('', 4000)->then(function(React\Stream\Stream $stream) use (&$sender) {
    $sender = $stream;

    $much_data = str_repeat('a', 1024*1024*32);

$connector->create('', 4000)->then(function(React\Stream\Stream $stream) use ($loop, &$sender) {
    $stream->on('data', function($data) use ($stream, &$sender) {
        echo "Pausing after receiving\n";


        $sender->write('one more');

@cboden cboden added the streams label Feb 16, 2014
@cboden cboden referenced this pull request in ratchetphp/Ratchet Feb 16, 2014

100% CPU load #137

@cboden cboden added this to the v0.3.4 milestone Feb 17, 2014
@cboden cboden added the stream label Feb 17, 2014
mdreak commented Feb 20, 2014

Unfortunately, this seemed to have no effect on the 100% cpu load problem we are experiencing after several hours running the server.

cboden commented Feb 20, 2014

@mdreak Which EventLoop implementation are you using?

RWSDev commented Feb 20, 2014

mdreak and myself (same server and implementation) were not using libevent ... I have now installed pecl-event, libevent and libevent-devel.

php -i |grep libevent
libevent2 headers version => 2.0.18-stable

I have just restarted the ratchet server and will update over the next day. It only took 12 hours to hit 100% cpu last time so we'll see.

cboden commented Mar 10, 2014

I was ready to merge this but the updated unit test fails on some versions of php (not the one on Travis).

@cboden cboden merged commit 1590ea7 into 0.3 Mar 21, 2014

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hrach commented Mar 21, 2014

Why closed? Will have this any solution?

@cboden cboden deleted the 0.3-buffer-fix branch Mar 30, 2014
cboden commented Apr 1, 2014

It's closed because it was merged into all branches (0.3, 0.4, master). v0.3.4 was released that included this fix and 0.4.1 will be tagged shortly.

hrach commented Apr 7, 2014

@cboden If I understand it correctly, it's fixed in react 0.3, however, splitsubtree react/socket is still not updated, so default my app, which requires only ratchet, is still unafected by this fix.

cboden commented Apr 8, 2014

@hrach Ah, yes, you're right. I'm very close to being ready to release v0.4.1 as well. I will tag and run the sub-tree split for both versions April 12th.

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