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React Rotterdam

Code of Conduct Slack

React Rotterdam is an independent meetup aimed at knowledge sharing, learning something new and meeting other people in the community. You can find more information about our latest events on Meetup.

Next Meetup

Call for speakers for the autumn edition of React Rotterdam is open. Please refer to Contributing section for more information.

Past Meetups

Organisation team

This meetup is organised by a small team of volunteers:


Interested in presenting at one of our next meetups? Contact us using one of the methods above or reach out via email to Ivan Zub (ivan.zub at and Jef Hellemans (jef.hellemans at for details.

Or Create an Issue with your talk proposal and one of the team members will reach out to you.

Noticed a typo or an improvement, fork and create a Pull Request!

Stay in touch

We see us as an active technical community outside of the meetups we organise, that's why we created a Slack space that everyone can join.

Sponsors and Partners

Mendix O'Reilly Media

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