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from import BasicNewsRecipe
class BangkokPostRecipe(BasicNewsRecipe):
__license__ = 'GPL v3'
__author__ = 'kwetal'
language = 'en_TH'
version = 1
title = u'Bangkok Post'
publisher = u'Post Publishing PCL'
category = u'News'
description = u'The world\'s window to Thailand'
oldest_article = 1
max_articles_per_feed = 50
no_stylesheets = True
remove_javascript = True
use_embedded_content = False
# Feeds from:
feeds = []
feeds.append((u'Breaking News', u''))
feeds.append((u'Top Stories', u''))
feeds.append((u'News', u''))
feeds.append((u'Business', u''))
feeds.append((u'Opinion', u''))
feeds.append((u'Travel', u''))
feeds.append((u'Leisure', u''))
feeds.append((u'Entertainment', u''))
feeds.append((u'Auto', u''))
feeds.append((u'Life', u''))
feeds.append((u'Tech', u''))
keep_only_tags = []
keep_only_tags.append(dict(name = 'div', attrs = {'class' : 'entry'}))
remove_tags = []
remove_tags.append(dict(name = 'div', attrs = {'class': 'article-features'}))
remove_tags.append(dict(name = 'div', attrs = {'class': 'socialBookmark'}))
remove_tags.append(dict(name = 'div', attrs = {'id': 'main-sns'}))
# Their YouTube movies are displayed in an iframe, if you want those you will have to parse the articles by hand.
# Setting self.recursion to 1, which might resolve this, makes calibre downloading a lot of PDF files, which will cause a very, very very, long download time
remove_tags.append(dict(name = 'iframe'))
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