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from import BasicNewsRecipe
class TheBayCitizen(BasicNewsRecipe):
title = 'The Bay Citizen'
language = 'en'
__author__ = 'noah'
description = 'The Bay Citizen'
publisher = 'The Bay Citizen'
INDEX = u''
category = 'news'
oldest_article = 2
max_articles_per_feed = 20
no_stylesheets = True
masthead_url = ''
feeds = [('Main Feed', '')]
keep_only_tags = [dict(name='div', attrs={'class':'story'})]
remove_tags = [
dict(name='div', attrs={'class':'socialBar'}),
dict(name='div', attrs={'id':'text-resize'}),
dict(name='div', attrs={'class':'story relatedContent'}),
dict(name='div', attrs={'id':'comment_status_loading'}),
def append_page(self, soup, appendtag, position):
pager = soup.find('a',attrs={'class':'stry-next'})
if pager:
nexturl = self.INDEX + pager['href']
soup2 = self.index_to_soup(nexturl)
texttag = soup2.find('div', attrs={'class':'body'})
for it in texttag.findAll(style=True):
del it['style']
newpos = len(texttag.contents)
def preprocess_html(self, soup):
for item in soup.findAll(style=True):
del item['style']
self.append_page(soup, soup.body, 3)
garbage = soup.findAll(id='story-pagination')
[trash.extract() for trash in garbage]
garbage = soup.findAll('em', 'cont-from-prev')
[trash.extract() for trash in garbage]
return soup
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