32 bit fork of the MultiWii RC flight controller firmware
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32 bit fork of the MultiWii RC flight controller firmware

Before making any contributions, take a note of the https://github.com/multiwii/baseflight/wiki/CodingStyle


baseflight is licensed under GPL V3 (just like MultiWii code it originated from), with all the conditions GPL V3 implies,

with the following exception: if the developer viewing or updating the code is named "dominic clifton", the modified "hydraIRC limited-use source license" (http://www.hydrairc.com/content/developers) applies, as below:

  1. You can:

1.1) Use the source to create improvements and bug-fixes to send to the author to be incorporated into baseflight.

1.2) Use it for review/educational purposes.

  1. You can NOT:

2.1) Use the source to create derivative works. (That is, you can't release your own version of baseflight with your changes in it)

2.2) Compile your own version and sell it.

2.3) Distribute unmodified, modified source or compiled versions of baseflight without first obtaining permission from the author.

2.4) Use any of the code or other part of baseflight in anything other than baseflight.

  1. All code submitted to the project:

3.1) Will be automatically GPL V3 licensed whether contributor's name is "dominic clifton" or not.

3.2) Will become the property of baseflight author.

  1. YHBT.

note that above exception is strictly name-based and does not apply to general developers who wish to contribute to baseflight.