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Single file Django project for instant gratification
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Run on Google Cloud

Quick Start


$ docker build . -t mini-django
$ docker run -p 8000:8000 -v `pwd`:/app mini-django

and go to http://localhost:8000/Foo

An entire django app in a single file. Updated from here to use Django trunk. Works with Django 1.1 and 2.1.


This started off to see what the absolutely smallest requirements needed to run a Django project. Run the with $ PYTHONPATH=. runserver --settings=pico_django and go to http://localhost:8000

Or with uwsgi in production:

$ uwsgi --http :8000 -M --pythonpath=. 
--env DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE=pico_django \
-w "django.core.wsgi:get_wsgi_application()"


Soon pico needed a little more spice, so it got some template loading and then because I'm lazy I made the new version directly runnable. Run the with

$ python ./ runserver

and go to http://localhost:8000/Foo


Often I need to use django-rest-framework for a simple one-off task, thankfully, mini_django can be adapted quite easily into

$ python ./ runserver

and go to http://localhost:8000



  1. Clone this repo
  2. pip install django
  3. Run
    1. python ./ runserver
    2. PYTHONPATH=. runserver --settings=pico_django


As-is. Public Domain. Don't blame me.


Tim Watts ( @readevalprint

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