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READEX Runtime Library

The READEX Runtiem Library is written as part of the READEX project (

Compilation and Installation


To compile this plugin, you need:

  • C++14 compiler

  • Score-P with SCOREP_SUBSTRATES_PLUGIN support

Building and installation

  1. Invoke CMake

    mkdir BUILD && cd BUILD
    cmake ..

    The following settings are important:

  • SCOREP_CONFIG path to the scorep-config tool including the file name
  • CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX directory where the resulting plugin will be installed (lib/ suffix will be added)
  • MIN_LOG_LEVEL log level of the RRL. Values are: trace, debug, warn, error, fatal
  • DISABLE_CALIBRATION default OFF, disables cal, and removes dependencies to protobuf and x86_adapt
  • EXTERN_TENSORFLOW Default: OFF, setting ON tries to find a local copy of the c api from tensorflow instead of downloading the needed version
  • EXTERN_PROTOBUF Default: OFF, setting ON tries to find a local copy of google protobuf instead of downloading the needed version
  1. Invoke make



If you have scorep-config in your PATH, it should be found by CMake.

  1. Invoke make install

     make install


Make sure to add the subfolder lib to your LD_LIBRARY_PATH.


To build the documentation please do:

make doc

You'll need doxygen installed.


To use the RRL you have to add rrl to the environment variable SCOREP_SUBSTRATE_PLUGINS.

Environment variables

  • SCOREP_RRL_VERBOSE Controls the output verbosity of the plugin. Possible values are: VERBOSE, WARN (default), INFO, DEBUG, TRACE If set to any other value, WARN is used. Case in-sensitive.

  • SCOREP_RRL_CHECK_IF_RESET Sets the behaviour of the settings stack of the configuration manager: Possible values are: The default value is 'reset': Every change will be saved on the settings stack. 'no_reset' means that only the default and current values of parameters will be saved. New parameter values overwrites the current values.

  • SCOREP_TUNING_PLUGINS, SCOREP_RRL_PLUGINS Sets the parameter plugins to load. Please be sure the path to the libs is in your LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

  • SCOREP_METRIC_PLUGINS Sets the metric plugin to load. Its value should be set to 'scorep_substrate_rrl' for enabling the visualization of configuration switching in trace.

  • SCOREP_METRIC_SCOREP_SUBSTRATE_RRL Sets the metrics to be added to the trace for visualization. Value equal to the wildcard '*' makes all the loaded Hw/Sw tuning parameters available in trace.
    Application Tuning Parameter (ATP) need to be explicitly specified. To load ATPS, value should be set equal to 'ATP/<atp_name>' where, atp_name is the name of the ATP. The prefix 'ATP/' is required to recognize the ATP. For the hardware and software tuning parameters, names of the PCPs are used. For example: SCOREP_METRIC_SCOREP_SUBSTRATE_RRL = 'OpenMPTP, cpu_freq'

  • SCOREP_RRL_SIGNIFICANT_DURATION_MS defines the duration of a significant region in milliseconds (integer required). Default 100 ms. RTS which have a predefind dration below this threshold will not get a new configuration.

  • SCOREP_RRL_COUNTER file which holds the counters to colect for calibration

  • SCOREP_RRL_COUNTER_RESULT filename of the resulting protobuf. Will be written in the Score-P exp. dir under "rrl/"

  • SCOREP_RRL_CAL_MODULE calibration module to use. Currently available:

  • collect_all for the first training step, to build the correlation between all counters

  • collect_fix for the second training step, to collect the training data of the NN

  • collect_scaling for trainign to find optimal configuration for regions.

  • cal_dummy dummy calibration mechanism. Just returns 2.501 GHz core and 3 GHz uncore freq.

  • SCOREP_RRL_FILTERING_FILE file for filtering regions with a specific name
    If no filtering file is specified, than all regions will be included. The syntax of the filter file is based on scorep filter files, but there are some restrictions.

    • the keyword MANGLED is currently not supported
    • only one region name per line is allowed
    • region names can be intended
    • region names with shell wildcard patterns are supported
    • region names on the same line with INCLUDE or EXCLUDE are not supported
    • You can use comments, they start with # and end with a new line. If a region name contains # you have to escape it with a \.
  • RRL_CHECK_ROOT property of the DTA TMM. It set to "false", this will disable the check for the root region. This is needed for calibration.

Calibration specific varibales

  • SCOREP_RRL_IVALID_COMBINATION path to a json file. All invalid combinations of papi counters, which are detected during runtime will be saved there. They will be avoided for counter selection later on.

If anything fails:

  1. Check whether the plugin library can be loaded from the LD_LIBRARY_PATH.
  2. Write a mail to the author.


  • Andreas Gocht (andreas.gocht at tu-dresden dot de)
  • Umbreen Sabir Mian (umbreen.mian at tu-dresden dot de)
  • Nico Reissmann (reissman at
  • Mohammed Sourouri (mohammed.sourouri at