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Our mission is to foster the development of an open and modern collaborative playground for digital reading technologies.


  1. mobile mobile Public

    πŸ“± Readium Mobile is a toolkit for ebooks, audiobooks and comics written in Swift & Kotlin.

    HTML 86 4

  2. web web Public

    🌐 Readium Web is a toolkit for building Web Readers that support ebooks, audiobooks and comics

    HTML 3

  3. webpub-manifest webpub-manifest Public

    πŸ“œ A JSON based Web Publication Manifest format used at the core of the Readium project

    HTML 84 23

  4. readium-css readium-css Public

    🌈 A set of reference stylesheets for EPUB Reading Systems, starting with Readium Mobile

    HTML 89 19

  5. architecture architecture Public

    πŸ“š Documents the architecture of the Readium project

    JavaScript 166 33

  6. awesome-readium awesome-readium Public

    ⭐️ Awesome Readium-related resources

    215 18


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