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Our mission is to foster the development of an open and modern collaborative playground for digital reading technologies.


  1. ⭐️ Awesome Readium-related resources

    133 13

  2. 📚 Documents the architecture of the Readium project

    JavaScript 137 28

  3. 📜 A JSON based Web Publication Manifest format used at the core of the Readium project

    HTML 62 20

  4. mobile Public

    📱 Readium Mobile is a toolkit for ebooks, audiobooks and comics written in Swift & Kotlin.

    41 2

  5. ts-toolkit Public

    Implements the Readium Architecture for Web Apps

    TypeScript 28 6

  6. readium-css Public

    🌈 A set of reference stylesheets for EPUB Reading Systems, starting with Readium Mobile

    HTML 79 17


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