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Welcome to the readium-2 wiki!

Work plan for the Readium-2 project

Initially, the WG was targeting a project in three main phases:

  • The definition of a global architecture for the new SDK, plus a target budget and planning for the development;
  • The definition of the API to be used by the Reading Systems using SDK;
  • Parallel development of different implementations in native code for iOS, Android devices, JAvascript (or Typescript) for Web readers and hybrid desktop applications, Golang for a server side Web application.

This plan was change late-2016, and we chose another path:

  • focusing on the EPUB 3 parsing side first, creating what we call a "streamer", i.e. a software that parses EPUB files and exposes a JSON manifest plus all publications resources via http;
  • implement a prototype in Golang, then in Swift, refine the architecture and API using these prototypes;
  • then focus on the rendering part, defining its architecture and implementing it in different languages for different environments.

Github pages

After a document has been finalized, it will be copied in a Github Page (using a gh-pages branch).



Daily communication will be handled via a "readium-2" channel on the Readium Slack ( You can get an invite for the Readium Slack using , and the readium-2 channel is public.


We'll have a call each Wednesday, from 15:30 UTC (summer) or 16:30 UTC (winter), for 1.30 hour max.


We'll plan an F2F meeting in January 2017, to assert which issues are finalized and can be closed, brainstorm or open/difficult issues. If one meeting (either in Europe or in the US) is complex and expensive to setup, we could decide to setup 2 parallel meetings on each side of the Atlantic, and use some common time (15:00 to 18:00 UTC) to have a common brainstorm.

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