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πŸ“– An EPUB & CBZ reading app for Android
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Readium-2 Test App (Kotlin/Android) Get it on Google Play

A test app for the Kotlin implementation of Readium-2. Stable builds are available on Google Play. To follow the development of this app, join the beta channel.



  • EPUB 2.x and 3.x support
  • Readium LCP support
  • CBZ support
  • Custom styles
  • Night & sepia modes
  • Pagination and scrolling
  • Table of contents
  • OPDS 1.x and 2.0 support
  • FXL support
  • RTL support



  • Shared Models (Model, shared for both streamer and navigator) Release
  • Streamer (The parser/server) Release
  • Navigator (The bare ViewControllers for displaying parsed resources) Release
  • Readium CSS (Handles styles, layout and user settings)

Install and run the testapp

Get started with the testapp

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