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EPUB3 CFI utility library in JavaScript

This is a software component used by other Readium projects, see


BSD-3-Clause ( )

See license.txt.


Using npm / yarn

npm install readium-cfi-js or yarn add readium-cfi-js


This library is bundled in UMD and ES module formats.

  • CommonJS
const EPUBcfi = require('readium-cfi-js');
  • ES Module
import * as EPUBcfi from 'readium-cfi-js';
  • Globally with window.EPUBcfi
<script src="readium-cfi.umd.js"></script>

Usage in non-browser environments (Node)

Currently not supported as the implementation depends on jQuery and the DOM.

A subset of the API could work without a browser, which may be planned for a future release.



Initial setup:

  • npm install (to download dependencies defined in package.json ... note that the --production option can be used to avoid downloading development dependencies, for example when testing only the pre-built dist folder contents)

Typical workflow:

  • Hack away! (mostly the source code in ./src and ./spec/models )
  • npm run build (to update the output bundles in the dist folder)

Unit tests:

  • npm run test (Karma launcher)

Travis (Continuous Integration):

Bundled outputs

The dist directory contains bundled scripts in two module formats:

UMD - Universal Module Definition

readium-cfi.umd.js (and its associated source-map file), which aggregates all the required code (external library dependencies included, such as jQuery, etc.)

You can include this as CommonJS/AMD or with the global EPUBcfi

Works best for when using Browserify or RequireJS

ES Modules

readium-cfi.esm.js (and its associated source-map file), also aggregates all the required code

Works best for rollup.js or webpack

NPM package

All packages "owned" and maintained by the Readium Foundation are listed here:

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