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@danielweck danielweck released this Oct 10, 2019 · 101 commits to develop since this release


Version 1.0.5 was released on 10 October 2019.

This release includes the following (notable) new features, improvements and bug fixes:

  • Screen reader compatibility: the webview that renders EPUB HTML documents is now hard-refreshed to ensure NVDA, etc. track DOM changes reliably
  • Keyboard interaction: SHIFT+CTRL+ALT LEFT/RIGHT-ARROW to quickly navigate previous/next spine items (works on Windows, including with NVDA, but minus ALT on MacOS for VoiceOver compatibility)
  • File extension .epub association (EPUB "open with" or double-click to launch from Windows File explorer, MacOS Finder, and Linux desktop managers)
  • Fixed interaction problems in publication import (mouse vs. keyboard bugs)
  • Fixed broken publication export
  • Added OPDS feed pagination, including search results
  • Publications imported from OPDS catalogs now have an initial list of (user-editable) tags extracted from the feed metadata
  • Corrected handling of OPDS relative URLs
  • Detection of internet connectivity, friendlier messages during OPDS navigation
  • Support for javascript: hyperlinks in EPUB HTML documents
  • Protection against broken hyperlinks in non-valid EPUBs (HTTP 404)
  • Improved feedback during publication download, error cases
  • Added dark and sepia colour themes in User Interface (was only in EPUB documents)
  • Fixed Command Line Interface on MacOS
  • Bookmarks labels now checked for empty string
  • Publication info dialog has a "see more" expand/collapse button for long descriptions (library and reader views)
  • Fixed crash when removing publication in scroll list
  • Miscellaneous User Interface improvements and bug fixes: publication list alignment, goto page, OPDS search breadcrumb, bookmark display (long label ellipsis, padding), reader view settings initial state
  • Significant under-the-hood code refactorings to improve the developer experience and the robustness of the codebase (TypeScript strict typing, error handling / border cases)

(previous v1.0.4 changelog)

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