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The ReadME Podcast

Your favorite open source projects, and the developers who make them happen. Listen in.


Henry Zhu Episode 07

Quitting a steady job to chase intuition

Babel maintainer Henry Zhu on taking a leap of faith with open source.

About The ReadME Podcast

On The ReadME Podcast, we take a look behind the scenes of the most impactful open source projects and the developers who make them happen. Our guests are coding in public, creating firmware, designing hardware, researching security vulnerabilities, creating art and music, and making phenomenal scientific discoveries. They’re also working on the periphery of open source, taking time to consider how we think about technology. In sharing these stories, we hope to provide a spotlight on what you don’t always see in the lines of code, and what it takes to build the technology that inspires us all.

Tobias Koppers Episode 06

From a master’s thesis to a global go-to

webpack’s maintainer Tobias Koppers on continuous innovation, open collaboration, and flexibility.

Paulus Schoutsen Episode 05

Keeping the lights on with Home Assistant

Maintainer Paulus Schoutsen balances function, innovation, and playfulness.

Mariatta Wijaya Episode 04

Humanizing bots and building community

A Python core developer, Mariatta Wijaya is right where she belongs.

Scott Hanselman and Mark Downie Episode 03

Taking Das Blog into the future

Maintainers Scott Hanselman and Mark Downie on breathing new life into old software.

Evan You Episode 02

How one idea grew into a popular JavaScript ecosystem

Creator of Vue, Evan You is building an accessible framework for developers, and the door is always open.

Gina Häußge Episode 01

From a 3D side project to the dream job

A full-time, community-backed maintainer, Gina sets boundaries but stays visible.

Meet the hosts

Kathy Korevec

Originally from Alaska, Kathy’s journey into tech didn’t start out like most. Her first tech job was redoing her college’s library website, and she later helped a car dealership put their inventory online. There was also a brief stint as a pastry chef in Tennessee. But she ended up at Google in San Francisco, which put her on her path as a product manager. Now at GitHub, she manages the Documentation team, where she works to make it easier for developers to learn about products and unlock solutions to their challenges. Kathy firmly believes that great products start with good conversation, and should be built on data driven design, business goals, and, above all, put the user first.

Brian Douglas

Brian grew up in Florida, and was in full-time sales before the birth of his son inspired him to build an app—and he saw an opportunity for a new career. He taught himself how to code, and started blogging. His content caught the eye of a San Francisco tech company, and he never looked back. Now living in Oakland with his family, Brian is a developer advocate at GitHub, where he creates space for other developers to find their voice. He’s passionate about open source and loves mentoring new contributors. He’s also the host of the Jamstack Radio podcast and created the Open Sauced community.

The ReadME Project

About The ReadME Project

Coding is usually seen as a solitary activity, but it’s actually the world’s largest community effort led by open source maintainers, contributors, and teams. These unsung heroes put in long hours to build software, fix issues, field questions, and manage communities.

The ReadME Project is part of GitHub’s ongoing effort to amplify the voices of the developer community. It’s an evolving space to engage with the community and explore the stories, challenges, technology, and culture that surround the world of open source.

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