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Interactive developer hubs that help users succeed with your APIs 🦉

Hi, we're ReadMe! 👋

Welcome to our GitHub org! At ReadMe, we want developers to succeed. That's why building thoughtful developer experiences is at the core of everything we do.

And by “developer”, we mean a lot of people…

📝   Anyone who builds API docs on ReadMe.
🧐   People who use API docs built on ReadMe.
💾   Folks who use any of our open source libraries.
👯   The ReadMe team.1
🌈   Honestly? Pretty much everyone!

We 💙 open source, y'all.

Running an open source project? Let us know and and we'll get you a ReadMe license for free! We're proud members of the OpenAPI Initiative and the Linux Foundation, and maintain dozens of open source tools for working with APIs, the OpenAPI Specification, Markdown, and more.

But most of all?

We're excited to see what you build with ReadMe! 🦉


  1. Are you as excited about APIs as we are? Do you care deeply (maybe too deeply) about documentation? Do you geek out over amazing web design? We're hiring, and we'd love to work with you! 🎉


  1. rdme Public

    ReadMe's official command-line interface (CLI) and GitHub Action 🌊

    TypeScript 77 45

  2. SDKs and integrations for ReadMe's Metrics platform

    TypeScript 8 20

  3. api Public

    🚀 Automatic SDK generation from an OpenAPI definition

    TypeScript 410 22

  4. Generate an OpenAPI/Swagger definition from inline comments.

    JavaScript 140 48

  5. markdown Public

    ReadMe's flavored Markdown parser and React-based rendering engine.

    JavaScript 21 11

  6. oas Public

    Comprehensive tooling for working with OpenAPI definitions.

    TypeScript 190 26


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