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Read the Docs for Business

Read the Docs is our community solution for open source projects at and we offer Read the Docs for Business for building and hosting commercial documentation at Features in this section are specific to Read the Docs for Business.

Private repositories and private documentation
The largest difference between the community solution and our commercial offering is the ability to connect to private repositories, to restrict documentation access to certain users, or to share private documentation via private hyperlinks.
Additional build resources
Do you have a complicated build process that uses large amounts of CPU, memory, disk, or networking resources? Our commercial offering has much higher default resources that result in faster documentation build times and we can increase it further for very demanding projects.
Priority support
We have a dedicated support team that responds to support requests during business hours. If you need a quick turnaround, please signup for
All commercially hosted documentation is always ad-free.
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   :caption: Additional commercial features

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