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pyup: Scheduled weekly dependency update for week 13 #5558

merged 8 commits into from Apr 2, 2019


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@pyup-bot pyup-bot commented Apr 1, 2019

Update Sphinx from 1.8.5 to 2.0.0.





* LaTeX builder now depends on TeX Live 2015 or above.
* LaTeX builder (with ``'pdflatex'`` :confval:`latex_engine`) will process
Unicode Greek letters in text (not in math mark-up) via the text font and
will not escape them to math mark-up. See the discussion of the
``'fontenc'`` key of :confval:`latex_elements`; such (optional) support for
Greek adds, for example on Ubuntu xenial, the ``texlive-lang-greek`` and (if
default font set-up is not modified) ``cm-super(-minimal)`` as additional
Sphinx LaTeX requirements.
* LaTeX builder with :confval:`latex_engine` set to ``'xelatex'`` or to
``'lualatex'`` requires (by default) the ``FreeFont`` fonts,
which in Ubuntu xenial are provided by package ``fonts-freefont-otf``, and
e.g. in Fedora 29 via package ``texlive-gnu-freefont``.
* requests 2.5.0 or above
* The six package is no longer a dependency
* The sphinxcontrib-websupport package is no longer a dependency
* Some packages are separated to sub packages:

- sphinxcontrib.applehelp
- sphinxcontrib.devhelp
- sphinxcontrib.htmlhelp
- sphinxcontrib.jsmath
- sphinxcontrib.serializinghtml
- sphinxcontrib.qthelp

Incompatible changes

* Drop python 2.7 and 3.4 support
* Drop docutils 0.11 support
* The default setting for :confval:`master_doc` is changed to ``'index'`` which
has been longly used as default of sphinx-quickstart.
* LaTeX: Move message resources to ``sphinxmessage.sty``
* LaTeX: Stop using ``\captions<lang>`` macro for some labels
* LaTeX: for ``'xelatex'`` and ``'lualatex'``, use the ``FreeFont`` OpenType
fonts as default choice (refs: 5645)
* LaTeX: ``'xelatex'`` and ``'lualatex'`` now use ``\small`` in code-blocks
(due to ``FreeMono`` character width) like ``'pdflatex'`` already did (due
to ``Courier`` character width).  You may need to adjust this via
:confval:`latex_elements` ``'fvset'`` key, in case of usage of some other
OpenType fonts (refs: 5768)
* LaTeX: Greek letters in text are not escaped to math mode mark-up, and they
will use the text font not the math font. The ``LGR`` font encoding must be
added to the ``'fontenc'`` key of :confval:`latex_elements` for this to work
(only if it is needed by the document, of course).
* LaTeX: setting the :confval:`language` to ``'en'`` triggered ``Sonny`` option
of ``fncychap``, now it is ``Bjarne`` to match case of no language specified.
(refs: 5772)
* 5770: doctest: Follow :confval:`highlight_language` on highlighting doctest
block.  As a result, they are highlighted as python3 by default.
* The order of argument for ``HTMLTranslator``, ``HTML5Translator`` and
``ManualPageTranslator`` are changed
* LaTeX: hard-coded redefinitions of ``\lsection`` and ``\lsubsection``
formerly done during loading of ``'manual'`` docclass get executed later, at
time of ``\sphinxtableofcontents``.  This means that custom user definitions
from LaTeX preamble now get overwritten.  Use ``\sphinxtableofcontentshook``
to insert custom user definitions.  See :ref:`latex-macros`.
* quickstart: Simplify generated ````
* 4148: quickstart: some questions are removed.  They are still able to specify
via command line options
* websupport: unbundled from sphinx core. Please use sphinxcontrib-websupport
* C++, the visibility of base classes is now always rendered as present in the
input. That is, ``private`` is now shown, where it was ellided before.
* LaTeX: graphics inclusion of oversized images rescales to not exceed
the text width and height, even if width and/or height option were used.
(refs: 5956)
* epub: ``epub_title`` defaults to the :confval:`project` option
* 4550: All tables and figures without ``align`` option are displayed to center
* 4587: html: Output HTML5 by default


* Support for evaluating Python 2 syntax is deprecated. This includes
configuration files which should be converted to Python 3.
* The arguments of ``EpubBuilder.build_mimetype()``,
``EpubBuilder.build_container()``, ``EpubBuilder.bulid_content()``,
``EpubBuilder.build_toc()`` and ``EpubBuilder.build_epub()``
* The arguments of ``Epub3Builder.build_navigation_doc()``
* The config variables

- :confval:`html_experimental_html5_writer`

* The ``encoding`` argument of ``autodoc.Documenter.get_doc()``,
``autodoc.DocstringSignatureMixin._find_signature()``, and
``autodoc.ClassDocumenter.get_doc()`` are deprecated.
* The ``importer`` argument of ``sphinx.ext.autodoc.importer._MockModule``
* The ``nodetype`` argument of ``
* The ``suffix`` argument of ``env.doc2path()`` is deprecated.
* The string style ``base`` argument of ``env.doc2path()`` is deprecated.
* The fallback to allow omitting the ``filename`` argument from an overridden
``IndexBuilder.feed()`` method is deprecated.
* ``sphinx.addnodes.abbreviation``
* ``sphinx.application.Sphinx._setting_up_extension``
* ````
* ````
* ````
* ``sphinx.cmd.quickstart.term_decode()``
* ``sphinx.cmd.quickstart.TERM_ENCODING``
* ``sphinx.config.check_unicode()``
* ``sphinx.config.string_classes``
* ````
* ````
* ````
* ``sphinx.ext.autodoc.importer._MockImporter``
* ``sphinx.ext.autosummary.Autosummary.warn()``
* ``sphinx.ext.autosummary.Autosummary.genopt``
* ``sphinx.ext.autosummary.Autosummary.warnings``
* ``sphinx.ext.autosummary.Autosummary.result``
* ``sphinx.ext.doctest.doctest_encode()``
* ````
* ````
* ````
* ``sphinx.registry.SphinxComponentRegistry.add_source_input()``
* ``sphinx.roles.abbr_role()``
* ``sphinx.roles.emph_literal_role()``
* ``sphinx.roles.menusel_role()``
* ``sphinx.roles.index_role()``
* ``sphinx.roles.indexmarkup_role()``
* ``sphinx.testing.util.remove_unicode_literal()``
* ``sphinx.util.attrdict``
* ``sphinx.util.force_decode()``
* ``sphinx.util.get_matching_docs()``
* ``sphinx.util.inspect.Parameter``
* ``sphinx.util.jsonimpl``
* ``sphinx.util.osutil.EEXIST``
* ``sphinx.util.osutil.EINVAL``
* ``sphinx.util.osutil.ENOENT``
* ``sphinx.util.osutil.EPIPE``
* ``sphinx.util.osutil.walk()``
* ``sphinx.util.PeekableIterator``
* ``sphinx.util.pycompat.NoneType``
* ``sphinx.util.pycompat.TextIOWrapper``
* ``sphinx.util.pycompat.UnicodeMixin``
* ``sphinx.util.pycompat.htmlescape``
* ``sphinx.util.pycompat.indent``
* ``sphinx.util.pycompat.sys_encoding``
* ``sphinx.util.pycompat.terminal_safe()``
* ``sphinx.util.pycompat.u``
* ``sphinx.writers.latex.ExtBabel``
* ``sphinx.writers.latex.LaTeXTranslator._make_visit_admonition()``
* ``sphinx.writers.latex.LaTeXTranslator.babel_defmacro()``
* ``sphinx.writers.latex.LaTeXTranslator.collect_footnotes()``
* ``sphinx.writers.latex.LaTeXTranslator.generate_numfig_format()``
* ``sphinx.writers.texinfo.TexinfoTranslator._make_visit_admonition()``
* ``sphinx.writers.text.TextTranslator._make_depart_admonition()``
* template variables for LaTeX template

- ``logo``
- ``numfig_format``
- ``pageautorefname``
- ``translatablestrings``

For more details, see :ref:`deprecation APIs list <dev-deprecated-apis>`.

Features added

* 1618: The search results preview of generated HTML documentation is
reader-friendlier: instead of showing the snippets as raw reStructuredText
markup, Sphinx now renders the corresponding HTML.  This means the Sphinx
extension `Sphinx: pretty search results`__ is no longer necessary.  Note that
changes to the search function of your custom or 3rd-party HTML template might
overwrite this improvement.


* 4182: autodoc: Support :confval:`suppress_warnings`
* 5533: autodoc: :confval:`autodoc_default_options` supports ``member-order``
* 5394: autodoc: Display readable names in type annotations for mocked objects
* 5459: autodoc: :confval:`autodoc_default_options` accepts ``True`` as a value
* 1148: autodoc: Add :rst:dir:`autodecorator` directive for decorators
* 5635: autosummary: Add :confval:`autosummary_mock_imports` to mock external
libraries on importing targets
* 4018: htmlhelp: Add :confval:`htmlhelp_file_suffix` and
* 5559: text: Support complex tables (colspan and rowspan)
* LaTeX: support rendering (not in math, yet) of Greek and Cyrillic Unicode
letters in non-Cyrillic document even with ``'pdflatex'`` as
:confval:`latex_engine` (refs: 5645)
* 5660: The ``versionadded``, ``versionchanged`` and ``deprecated`` directives
are now generated with their own specific CSS classes
(``added``, ``changed`` and ``deprecated``, respectively) in addition to the
generic ``versionmodified`` class.
* 5841: apidoc: Add --extensions option to sphinx-apidoc
* 4981: C++, added an alias directive for inserting lists of declarations,
that references existing declarations (e.g., for making a synopsis).
* C++: add ``cpp:struct`` to complement ``cpp:class``.
* 1341 the HTML search considers words that contain a search term of length
three or longer a match.
* 4611: epub: Show warning for duplicated ToC entries
* 1851: Allow to omit an argument for :rst:dir:`code-block` directive.  If
omitted, it follows :rst:dir:`highlight` or :confval:`highlight_language`
* 4587: html: Add :confval:`html4_writer` to use old HTML4 writer
* 6016: HTML search: A placeholder for the search summary prevents search
result links from changing their position when the search terminates.  This
makes navigating search results easier.
* 5196: linkcheck also checks remote images exist
* 5924: githubpages: create CNAME file for custom domains when
:confval:`html_baseurl` set
* 4261: autosectionlabel: restrict the labeled sections by new config value;

Bugs fixed

* 1682: LaTeX: writer should not translate Greek unicode, but use textgreek
* 5247: LaTeX: PDF does not build with default font config for Russian
language and ``'xelatex'`` or ``'lualatex'`` as :confval:`latex_engine`
(refs: 5251)
* 5248: LaTeX: Greek letters in section titles disappear from PDF bookmarks
* 5249: LaTeX: Unicode Greek letters in math directive break PDF build
(fix requires extra set-up, see :confval:`latex_elements` ``'textgreek'`` key
and/or :confval:`latex_engine` setting)
* 5772: LaTeX: should the Bjarne style of fncychap be used for English also
if passed as language option?
* 5179: LaTeX: (lualatex only) escaping of ``>`` by ``\textgreater{}`` is not
enough as ``\textgreater{}\textgreater{}`` applies TeX-ligature
* LaTeX: project name is not escaped if :confval:`latex_documents` omitted
* LaTeX: authors are not shown if :confval:`latex_documents` omitted
* HTML: Invalid HTML5 file is generated for a glossary having multiple terms for
one description (refs: 4611)
* QtHelp: OS dependent path separator is used in .qhp file
* HTML search: search always returns nothing when multiple search terms are
used and one term is shorter than three characters


* Stop to use ``SPHINX_TEST_TEMPDIR`` envvar



Incompatible changes


Features added

Bugs fixed


Update lxml from 4.3.2 to 4.3.3.




Bugs fixed

* Fix leak of output buffer and unclosed files in ``_XSLTResultTree.write_output()``.

Update Markdown from 3.0.1 to 3.1.

The bot wasn't able to find a changelog for this release. Got an idea?


Update sphinx-notfound-page from 0.1 to 0.2.1.




:Date: 2019/03/29

* Fix release version issue



:Date: 2019/03/29

* `6 <>`_ Sidebar links broken

Update execnet from 1.5.0 to 1.6.0.




* ``execnet`` no longer supports Python 2.6 and 3.3 (85). Users of those Python versions
using a recent enough ``pip`` should not be affected, as ``pip`` will only install
``1.5.0`` for them.

* Update test suite to support ``pytest>4``.

Update pytest-mock from 1.10.2 to 1.10.3.




* Fix test suite in Python 3.8. Thanks `hroncok`_ for the report and `blueyed`_ for the PR (`140`_).

.. _140:
.. _hroncok:
humitos approved these changes Apr 2, 2019
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@humitos humitos left a comment

Looks good!

I downgrade Sphinx because our docs are not rendering properly yet.

We need to adapt our theme first and then we can upgrade.

@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ django-extensions==2.1.6

# For intersphinx during builds
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@stsewd stsewd Apr 2, 2019

We need to downgrade this one too!

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@humitos humitos Apr 2, 2019

Ups! I didn't see it. Thanks!

@humitos humitos force-pushed the pyup/scheduled-update-2019-04-01 branch from cd3e546 to 3aacfd3 Apr 2, 2019
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@humitos humitos commented Apr 2, 2019

@stsewd feel free to merge it if you think it's ready!

stsewd approved these changes Apr 2, 2019
@stsewd stsewd merged commit 76f96b2 into master Apr 2, 2019
1 check passed
@stsewd stsewd deleted the pyup/scheduled-update-2019-04-01 branch Apr 2, 2019
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