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pyup: Scheduled weekly dependency update for week 43 #7602

merged 20 commits into from Nov 3, 2020


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Update pip from 20.2.3 to 20.2.4.




Deprecations and Removals

- Document that certain removals can be fast tracked. (`8417 <>`_)
- Document that Python versions are generally supported until PyPI usage falls below 5%. (`8927 <>`_)


- New resolver: Avoid accessing indexes when the installed candidate is preferred
and considered good enough. (`8023 <>`_)
- Improve error message friendliness when an environment has packages with
corrupted metadata. (`8676 <>`_)
- Cache package listings on index packages so they are guarenteed to stay stable
during a pip command session. This also improves performance when a index page
is accessed multiple times during the command session. (`8905 <>`_)
- New resolver: Tweak resolution logic to improve user experience when
user-supplied requirements conflict. (`8924 <>`_)

Bug Fixes

- New resolver: Correctly respect ``Requires-Python`` metadata to reject
incompatible packages in ``--no-deps`` mode. (`8758 <>`_)
- New resolver: Pick up hash declarations in constraints files and use them to
filter available distributions. (`8792 <>`_)
- New resolver: If a package appears multiple times in user specification with
different ``--hash`` options, only hashes that present in all specifications
should be allowed. (`8839 <>`_)

Improved Documentation

- Add ux documentation (`8807 <>`_)

Update virtualenv from 20.0.33 to 20.1.0.



- Bump embedded setuptools from ``50.3.0`` to ``50.3.1`` - by :user:`gaborbernat`. (`1982 <>`_)
- After importing virtualenv passing cwd to a subprocess calls breaks with ``invalid directory`` - by :user:`gaborbernat`. (`1983 <>`_)


- Align with venv module when creating virtual environments with builtin creator on Windows 3.7 and later
- by :user:`gaborbernat`. (`1782 <>`_)
- Handle Cygwin path conversion in the activation script - by :user:`davidcoghlan`. (`1969 <>`_)

Update Pygments from 2.7.1 to 2.7.2.



(released October 24, 2020)

- Updated lexers:

* Latex (PR1517, 1516)
* LLVM (PR1565)
* SPARQL (PR1559)

- Fixed Python console/traceback lexer problems with
custom exceptions without messages (1548)
- Allow loading ttc fonts on Mac/image formatter (1223)
- Improve ``analyze_text`` across a variety of lexers (PR1549)
- Removed CSS rule which forced the vertical padding to 0 for line numbers (PR1583, 1579)
- Fix ``TNTLexer`` crashing on unexpected EOL (1568, PR1570)
- ``regexlint`` can be now run locally as part of ``tox`` tests (PR1557)
- Fix typos (PR1550, 1562)
- Add Python 3.9 as a supported version (PR1554)

Update django-allauth from 0.42.0 to 0.43.0.




Note worthy changes

- New translation: Slovenian.

- If ``ACCOUNT_LOGIN_ATTEMPTS_LIMIT`` is set and the user successfully
resets their password, the timeout is cleared to allow immediate login.

- You can now limit the amount of email addresses a user can associate to his
account by setting ``ACCOUNT_MAX_EMAIL_ADDRESSES``.

- New providers: Apple, Okta, Stocktwits, Zoho, Zoom.

- If email verification is set to mandatory, the email address you use to login
with must now be verified as well. In previous versions, it was sufficient if
the account had at least one verified email address, not necessarily the one
used to login with.

- Added a new setting: ``ACCOUNT_SIGNUP_REDIRECT_URL`` -- the URL (or URL
name) to redirect to directly after signing up.

Backwards incompatible changes

- In previous versions, the ``allauth`` app included a ``base.html``
template. This template could conflict with an equally named template at
project level. Therefore, ``base.html`` has now been moved to
``account/base.html`` -- you will need to check your templates and likely
override ``account/base.html`` within your project.

Update GitPython from 3.1.9 to 3.1.11.




Fixes regression of 3.1.10.

See the following for details:*



See the following for details:*

Update stripe from 2.54.0 to 2.55.0.



* [684]( Add support for the Payout Reverse API

Update regex from 2020.9.27 to 2020.10.23.

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Update django-redis-cache from 2.1.3 to 3.0.0.

The bot wasn't able to find a changelog for this release. Got an idea?


Update pillow from 7.2.0 to 8.0.1.




- Update FreeType used in binary wheels to 2.10.4 to fix CVE-2020-15999.

- Moved string_dimension image to pillow-depends 4993



- Drop support for EOL Python 3.5 4746, 4794
[hugovk, radarhere, nulano]

- Drop support for PyPy3 < 7.2.0 4964

- Remove ImageCms.CmsProfile attributes deprecated since 3.2.0 4768
[hugovk, radarhere]

- Remove long-deprecated functions 4798
[hugovk, nulano, radarhere]

- Add support for 16-bit precision JPEG quantization values 4918

- Added reading of IFD tag type 4979

- Initialize offset memory for PyImagingPhotoPut 4806

- Fix TiffDecode comparison warnings 4756

- Docs: Add dark mode 4968
[hugovk, nulano]

- Added macOS SDK install path to library and include directories 4974
[radarhere, fxcoudert]

- Imaging.h: prevent confusion with system 4923
[ax3l, ,radarhere]

- Avoid using pkg_resources in PIL.features.pilinfo 4975

- Add getlength and getbbox functions for TrueType fonts 4959
[nulano, radarhere, hugovk]

- Allow tuples with one item to give single color value in getink 4927
[radarhere, nulano]

- Add support for CBDT and COLR fonts 4955
[nulano, hugovk]

- Removed OSError in favour of DecompressionBombError for BMP 4966

- Implemented another ellipse drawing algorithm 4523
[xtsm, radarhere]

- Removed unused JpegImagePlugin._fixup_dict function 4957

- Added reading and writing of private PNG chunks 4292

- Implement anchor for TrueType fonts 4930
[nulano, hugovk]

- Fixed bug in Exif __delitem__ 4942

- Fix crash in ImageTk.PhotoImage on MinGW 64-bit 4946

- Moved CVE images to pillow-depends 4929

- Refactor font_getsize and font_render 4910

- Fixed loading profile with non-ASCII path on Windows 4914

- Fixed effect_spread bug for zero distance 4908
[radarhere, hugovk]

- Added formats parameter to 4837
[nulano, radarhere]

- Added regular_polygon draw method 4846

- Raise proper TypeError in putpixel 4882
[nulano, hugovk]

- Added writing of subIFDs 4862

- Fix IFDRational __eq__ bug 4888
[luphord, radarhere]

- Fixed duplicate variable name 4885
[liZe, radarhere]

- Added homebrew zlib include directory 4842

- Corrected inverted PDF CMYK colors 4866

- Do not try to close file pointer if file pointer is empty 4823

- ImageOps.autocontrast: add mask parameter 4843
[navneeth, hugovk]

- Read EXIF data tEXt chunk into info as bytes instead of string 4828

- Replaced distutils with setuptools 4797, 4809, 4814, 4817, 4829, 4890
[hugovk, radarhere]

- Add MIME type to PsdImagePlugin 4788

- Allow ImageOps.autocontrast to specify low and high cutoffs separately 4749
[millionhz, radarhere]

Update tox from 3.20.0 to 3.20.1.

The bot wasn't able to find a changelog for this release. Got an idea?


Update Markdown from 3.2.2 to 3.3.3.

The bot wasn't able to find a changelog for this release. Got an idea?


Update sphinxemoji from 0.1.7 to 0.1.8.

The bot wasn't able to find a changelog for this release. Got an idea?


Update prospector from 1.3.0 to 1.3.1.



- [390]( Updating Vulture API usage for newer versions of Vulture
- [394]( Update pylint and pylint-django

Update pytest-django from 3.10.0 to 4.1.0.





* Add the :fixture:`async_client` and :fixture:`async_rf` fixtures (864).

* Add :ref:`django_debug_mode <usage>` to configure how ``DEBUG`` is set in tests (228).

* Documentation improvements.


* Make :fixture:`admin_user` work for custom user models without an ``email`` field.




This release contains no breaking changes, except dropping compatibility
with some older/unsupported versions.

* Drop support for Python versions before 3.5 (868).

Previously 2.7 and 3.4 were supported. Running ``pip install pytest-django``
on Python 2.7 or 3.4 would continue to install the compatible 3.x series.

* Drop support for Django versions before 2.2 (868).

Previously Django>=1.8 was supported.

* Drop support for pytest versions before 5.4 (868).

Previously pytest>=3.6 was supported.


* Officialy support Python 3.9.

* Add ``pytest_django.__version__`` (880).

* Minor documentation improvements (882).


* Make the ``admin_user`` and ``admin_client`` fixtures compatible with custom
user models which don't have a ``username`` field (457).

* Change the ``admin_user`` fixture to use ``get_by_natural_key()`` to get the
user instead of directly using ``USERNAME_FIELD``, in case it is overridden,
and to match Django (879).


* Fix pytest-django's own tests failing due to some deprecation warnings

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stsewd commented Oct 26, 2020

Just linking to something we should take care of #7581 (comment)

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humitos commented Oct 27, 2020

I think we should probably pin django-allauth for now adding that note as comment and upgrade the rest.

@humitos humitos force-pushed the pyup/scheduled-update-2020-10-26 branch from d27e48f to 58f9143 Compare October 29, 2020 11:44
@humitos humitos requested a review from stsewd October 29, 2020 11:44
requirements/deploy.txt Outdated Show resolved Hide resolved
requirements/docker.txt Outdated Show resolved Hide resolved
requirements/pip.txt Outdated Show resolved Hide resolved
@humitos humitos requested a review from stsewd October 29, 2020 15:11
stsewd approved these changes Oct 29, 2020
@stsewd stsewd merged commit f5b76e8 into master Nov 3, 2020
3 checks passed
@stsewd stsewd deleted the pyup/scheduled-update-2020-10-26 branch November 3, 2020 17:19
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