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pyup: Scheduled weekly dependency update for week 44 #8645

merged 12 commits into from Nov 3, 2021


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@pyup-bot pyup-bot commented Nov 1, 2021

Update pip from 21.3 to 21.3.1.




Bug Fixes

- Always refuse installing or building projects that have no ``pyproject.toml`` nor
````. (`10531 <>`_)
- Tweak running-as-root detection, to check ``os.getuid`` if it exists, on Unix-y and non-Linux/non-MacOS machines. (`10565 <>`_)
- When installing projects with a ``pyproject.toml`` in editable mode, and the build
backend does not support :pep:`660`, prepare metadata using
``prepare_metadata_for_build_wheel`` instead of `` egg_info``. Also, refuse
installing projects that only have a ``setup.cfg`` and no ```` nor
``pyproject.toml``. These restore the pre-21.3 behaviour. (`10573 <>`_)
- Restore compatibility of where configuration files are loaded from on MacOS (back to ``Library/Application Support/pip``, instead of ``Preferences/pip``). (`10585 <>`_)

Vendored Libraries

- Upgrade pep517 to 0.12.0

Update virtualenv from 20.8.1 to 20.10.0.



- Fixed path collision that could lead to a PermissionError or writing to system
directories when using PyPy3.8 - by :user:`mgorny`. (`2182 <>`_)
- Upgrade embedded setuptools to ``58.3.0`` from ``58.1.0`` and pip to ``21.3.1`` from ``21.2.4`` - by
:user:`gaborbernat`. (`2205 <>`_)
- Remove stray closing parenthesis in activate.bat - by :user:`SiggyBar`. (`2221 <>`_)

Update pyyaml from 5.4.1 to 6.0.

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Update django-elasticsearch-dsl from 7.2.0 to 7.2.1.

The bot wasn't able to find a changelog for this release. Got an idea?


Update stripe from 2.60.0 to 2.61.0.



* [738]( API Updates
* Add support for `list_payment_methods` method on resource `Customer`
* [736]( Stop sending raw exception message as part of Stripe user agent.

Update regex from 2021.10.8 to 2021.10.23.

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Update textblob from 0.15.3 to 0.17.1.




Bug fixes:

- Fix translation and language detection (:issue:`395`).
Thanks :user:`sudoguy` for the patch.




- Performance improvement: Use ``chain.from_iterable`` in ````
to improve runtime and memory usage (:pr:`333`). Thanks :user:`cool-RR` for the PR.

Other changes:

- Remove usage of `ctypes` (:pr:`354`). Thanks :user:`casatir`.




- ``TextBlob.translate()`` and ``TextBlob.detect_language`` are deprecated. Use the official Google Translate API instead (:issue:`215`).

Other changes:

- *Backwards-incompatible*: Drop support for Python 3.4.
- Test against Python 3.7 and Python 3.8.
- Pin NLTK to ``nltk<3.5`` on Python 2 (:issue:`315`).

Update packaging from 21.0 to 21.2.




* Update documentation entry for 21.1.



* Update pin to pyparsing to exclude 3.0.0.

Update pillow from 8.3.2 to 8.4.0.




- Prefer global transparency in GIF when replacing with background color 5756

- Added "exif" keyword argument to TIFF saving 5575

- Copy Python palette to new image in quantize() 5696

- Read ICO AND mask from end 5667

- Actually check the framesize in FliDecode.c 5659

- Determine JPEG2000 mode purely from ihdr header box 5654

- Fixed using info dictionary when writing multiple APNG frames 5611

- Allow saving 1 and L mode TIFF with PhotometricInterpretation 0 5655

- For GIF save_all with palette, do not include palette with each frame 5603

- Keep transparency when converting from P to LA or PA 5606

- Copy palette to new image in transform() 5647

- Added "transparency" argument to EpsImagePlugin load() 5620

- Corrected pathlib.Path detection when saving 5633

- Added WalImageFile class 5618

- Consider I;16 pixel size when drawing text 5598

- If default conversion from P is RGB with transparency, convert to RGBA 5594

- Speed up rotating square images by 90 or 270 degrees 5646

- Add support for reading DPI information from JPEG2000 images
[rogermb, radarhere]

- Catch TypeError from corrupted DPI value in EXIF 5639
[homm, radarhere]

- Do not close file pointer when saving SGI images 5645
[farizrahman4u, radarhere]

- Deprecate ImagePalette size parameter 5641
[radarhere, hugovk]

- Prefer command line tools SDK on macOS 5624

- Added tags when saving YCbCr TIFF 5597

- PSD layer count may be negative 5613

- Fixed ImageOps expand with tuple border on P image 5615

- Fixed error saving APNG with duplicate frames and different duration times 5609
[thak1411, radarhere]

Update awscli from 1.20.63 to 1.21.7.




* api-change:``application-insights``: Added Monitoring support for SQL Server Failover Cluster Instance. Additionally, added a new API to allow one-click monitoring of containers resources.
* api-change:``rekognition``: This release added new attributes to Rekognition Video GetCelebrityRecognition API operations.
* api-change:``ec2``: Support added for AMI sharing with organizations and organizational units in ModifyImageAttribute API
* api-change:``transcribe``: Transcribe and Transcribe Call Analytics now support automatic language identification along with custom vocabulary, vocabulary filter, custom language model and PII redaction.
* api-change:``connect``: Amazon Connect Chat now supports real-time message streaming.



* api-change:``gamelift``: Added support for Arm-based AWS Graviton2 instances, such as M6g, C6g, and R6g.
* api-change:``connectparticipant``: This release adds a new boolean attribute - Connect Participant - to the CreateParticipantConnection API, which can be used to mark the participant as connected.
* api-change:``ssm-incidents``: Updating documentation, adding new field to ConflictException to indicate earliest retry timestamp for some operations, increase maximum length of nextToken fields
* api-change:``ec2``: Added new read-only DenyAllIGWTraffic network interface attribute. Added support for DL1 24xlarge instances powered by Habana Gaudi Accelerators for deep learning model training workloads
* api-change:``ecs``: Amazon ECS now supports running Fargate tasks on Windows Operating Systems Families which includes Windows Server 2019 Core and Windows Server 2019 Full.
* api-change:``sagemaker``: This release adds support for RStudio on SageMaker.



* api-change:``ec2``: This release adds: attribute-based instance type selection for EC2 Fleet, Spot Fleet, a feature that lets customers express instance requirements as attributes like vCPU, memory, and storage; and Spot placement score, a feature that helps customers identify an optimal location to run Spot workloads.
* api-change:``autoscaling``: This release adds support for attribute-based instance type selection, a new EC2 Auto Scaling feature that lets customers express their instance requirements as a set of attributes, such as vCPU, memory, and storage.
* api-change:``sagemaker``: This release allows customers to describe one or more versioned model packages through BatchDescribeModelPackage, update project via UpdateProject, modify and read customer metadata properties using Create, Update and Describe ModelPackage and enables cross account registration of model packages.
* api-change:``eks``: EKS managed node groups now support BOTTLEROCKET_x86_64 and BOTTLEROCKET_ARM_64 AMI types.
* api-change:``textract``: This release adds support for asynchronously analyzing invoice and receipt documents through two new APIs: StartExpenseAnalysis and GetExpenseAnalysis



* api-change:``chime-sdk-messaging``: The Amazon Chime SDK now supports push notifications through Amazon Pinpoint
* api-change:``emr-containers``: This feature enables auto-generation of certificate  to secure the managed-endpoint and removes the need for customer provided certificate-arn during managed-endpoint setup.
* api-change:``chime-sdk-identity``: The Amazon Chime SDK now supports push notifications through Amazon Pinpoint



* api-change:``route53resolver``: New API for ResolverConfig, which allows autodefined rules for reverse DNS resolution to be disabled for a VPC
* api-change:``ec2``: This release adds support to create a VPN Connection that is not attached to a Gateway at the time of creation. Use this to create VPNs associated with Core Networks, or modify your VPN and attach a gateway using the modify API after creation.
* api-change:``auditmanager``: This release introduces a new feature for Audit Manager: Custom framework sharing. You can now share your custom frameworks with another AWS account, or replicate them into another AWS Region under your own account.
* api-change:``rds``: This release adds support for Amazon RDS Custom, which is a new RDS management type that gives you full access to your database and operating system. For more information, see



* api-change:``chime``: Chime VoiceConnector and VoiceConnectorGroup APIs will now return an ARN.
* api-change:``quicksight``: Added QSearchBar option for GenerateEmbedUrlForRegisteredUser ExperienceConfiguration to support Q search bar embedding
* api-change:``auditmanager``: This release introduces character restrictions for ControlSet names. We updated regex patterns for the following attributes: ControlSet, CreateAssessmentFrameworkControlSet, and UpdateAssessmentFrameworkControlSet.



* api-change:``connect``: Released Amazon Connect hours of operation API for general availability (GA). This API also supports AWS CloudFormation. For more information, see Amazon Connect Resource Type Reference in the AWS CloudFormation User Guide.



* feature:Serialization: rest-json serialization defaults aligned across AWS SDKs
* api-change:``mediaconvert``: AWS Elemental MediaConvert SDK has added support for specifying caption time delta in milliseconds and the ability to apply color range legalization to source content other than AVC video.
* api-change:``panorama``: General availability for AWS Panorama. AWS SDK for Panorama includes APIs to manage your devices and nodes, and deploy computer vision applications to the edge. For more information, see the AWS Panorama documentation at
* api-change:``directconnect``: This release adds 4 new APIS, which needs to be public able
* api-change:``appflow``: Feature to add support for  JSON-L format for S3 as a source.
* api-change:``securityhub``: Added support for cross-Region finding aggregation, which replicates findings from linked Regions to a single aggregation Region. Added operations to view, enable, update, and delete the finding aggregation.
* api-change:``mediapackage``: When enabled, MediaPackage passes through digital video broadcasting (DVB) subtitles into the output.
* api-change:``mediapackage-vod``: MediaPackage passes through digital video broadcasting (DVB) subtitles into the output.



* api-change:``dataexchange``: This release adds support for our public preview of AWS Data Exchange for Amazon Redshift. This enables data providers to list products including AWS Data Exchange datashares for Amazon Redshift, giving subscribers read-only access to provider data in Amazon Redshift.
* api-change:``chime-sdk-messaging``: The Amazon Chime SDK now allows developers to execute business logic on in-flight messages before they are delivered to members of a messaging channel with channel flows.



* api-change:``quicksight``: AWS QuickSight Service  Features    - Add IP Restriction UI and public APIs support.
* api-change:``ivs``: Bug fix: remove unsupported maxResults and nextToken pagination parameters from ListTagsForResource

Update Mercurial from 5.9.2 to 5.9.3.

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@stsewd stsewd merged commit 2552bb6 into master Nov 3, 2021
@stsewd stsewd deleted the pyup/scheduled-update-2021-11-01 branch November 3, 2021 16:23
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