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I needed a survey builder for Rails. I searched everywhere. What I found was either out of date, or had 3m dependencies that I just didn't want to use in my project. So I am building SurveyGuru.

SurveyGuru is still a WIP

Let's Start with the DSL for creating a survey


survey "Kitchen Sink", :version => 1 do

    page do
        question "What is this?", :type => :radio, :required => true, :id => :what-is-this do
            hint "Please fill out the below form so we can spam you."

            answer "A survey"
            answer "A cat"
            answer "A dog"

        whilst :previous => {:is => "A survey"} do
            question "Why do you say that?", :type => :select do
                option "guessed", :label => "Because I guessed"  # Label and field value are, by default the same.  Passing in :label overrides the label
                option "smart"
                option "I didn't mean to"
                option "Other"

            whilst :previous => {:is => "I didn't mean to"} do
                question "Tell us 5 reasons why we should believe you", :type => :textfield do
                    input "Reason One"
                    input "Reason Two"
                    input "Reason Three"
                    input "Reason Four"
                    input "Reason Five"

        whilst :previous => {:not => "A survey"} do
            complete do
                redirect :to => :home, :message => "Thanks, but your input is going to be worthless"

    page do
        question "Who are you?", :type => :textbox do
            hint "Another hint for the user"
            input "Tell us all about yourself", :required => true

        question "What is this not?", :type => :checkbox, :required => {:min => 1, :max => 2} do
            answer "A survey"
            answer "A cat"
            answer "A dog"

        question "What is your favorite color", :type => :checkbox, :required => {:min => 1, :max => 2, :or => :textbox} do
            answer "Blue"
            answer "Green"
            answer "Red"
            answer "Other", :type => :textbox, :placeholder => "other"

        whilst :what-is-this => {:is => "A Cat"} do
            question "Why did you answer \"A Cat\"?" do
                answer "I was messing around"
                answer "I can't read.  What is this?"
                answer "Because it is"

    page do
        question "Sort these things by your favorite", :type => :sortable do
            hint "You are almost done, hang in there!"
            answer :bites, :label => "whilst the dog bites"
            answer :stings, :label => "whilst the bee stings"
            answer :sad, :label => "whilst I'm feeling sad"
            answer :none, :label => "I don't like any of these things"

        complete do # Optional.  Will 
            redirect :to => :results, :message => "Thanks for taking the survey"


Storing and retrieving surveys and answers

SurveyGuru will generate a few models in your app-

  1. Surveys
  2. Questions
  3. Answers
  4. Results

Database Tables

  1. surveys (name, version, rules [store])
  2. questions (survey_id, name, type [enum], hint, rules [store])
  3. answers (question_id, type [enum], rules [store])
  4. results (answer_id, user_id, value [store])

Surveys have many questions, while questions have many answers. You can also get a listing of all of the answers for a survey via the has_many :through connection.

Surveys are versioned (defaults to timestamp) in order to allow for updates to the surveys.

Surveys can be retrieved from the database by using the following

@survey = Survey.find({:name => name, :version => version})
# friendly_id is used under the hood to parameterize the survey
# If you do not pass in a version, the most recent version of the survey will be returned


SurveyGuru depends on Rails >= 3.2, friendly_id >= 4.0.0, simple_form (for default form rendering), and a current_user method (pointing to class of User) to be made available in the controller and views (default in devise).

SurveyGuru will aim to support both postgres and mysql, however most of the testing is done with postgres as the primary driver. If you find a bug, or can offer a patch to support another driver, please submit a pull request.