Bootstrap-3 Template Override for Joomla

Joomla 3 Template Overrides for Bootstrap v3

The Simplest ever template overrides for your Joomla! 3.x website to make it compatible with Twitter Bootstrap v3.x

What does it have?

It includes two folders :

  1. frontbs3 - This is a complete template.
  2. overrides - This is a system plugin to override three core files of Joomla! (To override hard coding of Joomla! related to HTML and Bootstrap classes).

Template Overrides

In the root/templates/YOUR_TEMPLATE/html/ you will get the overrides of the following files

  1. com_contact
  2. com_content
  3. com_search
  4. com_tags
  5. com_users
  6. com_weblinks
  7. Overrides the layouts
  8. mod_breadcrumbs
  9. mod_search
  10. mod_login
  11. mod_menu
  12. modules.php
  13. pagination.php
  14. component.php

System Plugin

Joomla! uses hard coding related to html and Bootstrap Classes in core files (like bootstrap accordion and modal popup HTML).

In this template you can also use fontAwesome v3.x. As the older versions uses class icon- but in fontAwesome v3.x icon class's name has been changed from "icon-" to "fa-".

A plugin named overrides which is a system plugin of Joomla, is also used to override some core files of Joomla!.

These three core files are overridden and placed into => frontbs3/site/ And the actual path is:

  1. bootstrap.php Path: libraries/cms/html/bootstrap.php
  2. icons.php Path: libraries/cms/html/icon.php
  3. jquery.php Path: libraries/cms/html/jquery.php

So what you need to do to use this template

If you do not want the full template for your site and want only Bootstrap 3 work for your existing template, then you just need to follow below steps:

  1. Copy all files of html folder into your existing template's html folder.
  2. Copy the site folder of the template and paste it into your template folder.
  3. Fork the override folder and make a zip file and install the plugin.