Run multiple websites using the same laravel installation while keeping tenant specific data separated for fully independant multi-domain setups.
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Multi tenancy

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This package allows for multi tenancy websites on one installation of Laravel.

The goals for this and its related packages are:

  • Unobtrusive multi tenancy for Laravel 5.1 LTS and 5.2.
  • Provide proper insight into tenants and webserver.
  • Powerful, but flexible for developers, use it the way you want.

Reading material:

What is multi tenancy

Referring to wikipedia;

Multitenancy refers to a software architecture in which a single instance of a software runs on a server and serves multiple tenants.

Multi tenancy how?

In its most abstract sense you can use this package to manage multiple websites with only one application installation.

  • Multiple websites running on one code base.
  • Multiple hostnames configured per website.

Each website has its own folder on disk, allowing:

  • seperation of routes, templates, translations etc
  • custom files (media, themes and packages)

Also each website has its own database, this ensures that in no way one website can access data from another website. The distinction also gives proper division of responsibilities to the system (global) and tenant (local) databases.

For more information visit the documentation.

Example tenant website & demo

One website running on the multi tenant installation of is, you can review the code on

Installation, configuration

Chat or critical bug


Please visit the FAQ in the documentation.