This repo contains bootstrap3 compatible templates of Payplans
PHP JavaScript CSS


PayPlans Overrides for BootStrap3 This source code allows you to use PayPlans (Joomla Membership Software) with any Bootstrap 3 template of Joomla. This override is built with default Bootstrap3. You may need to do some customization, if it doesn't match with your template's design.

Instructions :

  1. If you have done any customization in PayPlans and template earlier then please take a backup of all changes.
  2. If you have done any other customization then please do that in these templates as well, You can compare the templates before proceeding to upgrade.
  3. Download the zip file and paste complete "com_payplans" directory into YOUR_SITE_ROOT/templates/YOUR_TEMPLATE/html/
  4. Now, you need to disable some parameters in PayPlans Configuration. For this go to PayPlans -> Configuration -> Settings -> Expert section and Set 'No' to these parameters - Use JQuery, Use Bootstrap jquery, Use Bootstrap css, Use Font Awesome and Save the Configuration.
  5. We would recommend to test your upgrades on your test site first before migrating to Live site.