This is the repository for the dance data visualisation project "The Art of Computer Science"
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This is the repository for the dance data visualisation project "The Art of Computer Science"

There are 2 sides to this project one involving a live performance and the other a sire for sharing and documenting the whole project. The Live Performance “[arra]stre” and the project website (this won’t go live until September 2014)

[arra]stre 'classical ballet meets computer science', is a digital dance performance that derives its movements and concepts from computer science theory. A live performance, plus a series of workshops (codecircus, musicmaterials both at the roundhouse plus Brighton Digital Festival and Mozilla Festival Events) breaking down the science theory behind the performance, will constitute the whole programme. The programme will include data visualisation, images influenced and triggered by data from the dancers, wearable technology and choreography. Dr Paul Goltz (choreographer) Battle Abbey School (Dancers). This project is funded by Grants for the Arts Award - Arts Council England.

The work will interpret computer science theories through dance, relating the programme to the new Computing curriculum for schools in England; devising a new methodology that could be applied as a cross-curricular approach for learning.

The site will consist of videos, ‘recipes’, links to the curriculum UK and others. We are hoping to make it a playground that the user can explore based on what they are looking for. Be it a particular curriculum element, type of sensor or specific piece of kit. We are very excited about be able to share all of resources including the code. This has only be made possible because of being one of Google RISE Award winners for 2014.

Playground: Why have we decided to call the hack and workshop events playgrounds? Because we want it to be open to everyone not just experts. Plus the opportunity to just mess around and tinkering with code and electronics! How more playful can you get.

Why Data Visualisation?Data and information are important parts of the new Computing Program of Study in England. By the use, modification and repurposing of large data sets. We are planning to use the D3 javascript library because of 2 reasons. 1 it is awesome and 2 we are collecting data from the dancers through out the process and want to be able to use that data in creating the visualisations. All data visualisation for the project have been created by Peter Cook.