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of/ofxCv-made public installation for the Queen West Art Crawl, capturing the faces of onlookers and bringing them into the history of a piece of clothing.
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You Wear What You Are

Installation for the Queen West Art Crawl

Draws heavily from what I learned at Kyle McDonald's intermediate computer vision workshop at Eyeo2012. First major openframeworks project too, so apologies for the absolute spaghetti code.


ofxControlPanel (forked from Kyle's autoControlPanel)


You Wear What You Are is an installation that pulls the viewer into the history of a piece of clothing.

The viewer's face is captured and projected on to the clean, but second hand clothing worn by the mannequins. As the night wears on, the clothing becomes a collection of the many faces that witnessed the artwork and took part in the Queen West Art Crawl.

The faces are captured by custom computer vision software written for the installation, creating a collage of faces, expressions, and emotions that cast the clothing in an entirely new light. By the end of the night, the clothes are left as a single object both patchwork and unified, and ready to be passed on and worn by someone new who might guess and imagine at their past.

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