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Various python wrappers I use to build documents using markdown and pandoc.
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These are wrappers for the wonderful pandoc tool that I use for creating web pages, presentations, papers, and even books. I don't imagine they will be useful to others off-the-shelf but there might be handy techniques, particular the super simple, limited, but fast bibtex parser in mdn2bib.

A set of bibtex utilities for parsing and manipulating bibtex files, especially in the context of my pandoc wrappers

A wrapper script for pandoc that handles my own issues:

  1. associates the result with a particular style sheet.
  2. can replace [@key] with hypertext'd refs from bibtex database.
  3. can create partial handouts for students for slides

Build a PDF (article or book) by converting from markdown to LaTeX.

Like bd, but will build HTML using htlatex.

Wraps many tools for converting HTML to text.

Build the static portions of my website by looking for source files newer than existing HTML files.

*.mm (freemind)-> html
*.md (pandoc)-> html
zim/* (zim-wiki) -> html
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