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Reahl comprises a number of projects that help with the development of interactive web applications.

Reahl-web is a web application framework that allows a programmer to work in terms of useful abstractions—using a single programming language.

The details of how those abstractions are implemented using several different web technologies are hidden and dealt with for the programmer.

Reahl-component provides infrastructure for components in any application that can also have their own database schemas, configuration, internationalisation and more.

The other projects support development of (mostly web) applications, regardless of which web framework is used.

Although all the Reahl components reside in one source code tree, some are licensed LGPL and others AGPL (see the relevant licenses in each subdirectory).

More details at our website: Reahl - the Python-only web framework


This project contains several independently licensed projects in its source tree.

Please see the LICENSE file in each sub directory for the license that applies to that sub directory.

The LICENSE. file in the top level is the license file for the package it is named for.

Some sub projects include other code. The accompanying licenses of such code is listed in the COPYING file of such sub directory.