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Configurable Node.js module for TUPAS identification. Includes test configurations for Nordea, DanskeBank, Handelsbanken, OP, Aktia, Ålandsbanken, S-Pankki, Säästöpankki and POP Pankki.

Currently requires Express.



Made at Reaktor.

Apply for juicy positions at


npm install tupas


Run tests with grunt.

Usage and configuration

Basic usage (using default configurations)

var generalOptions = {
  appHandler: app, // an Express application
  hostUrl: '[/path]', // required for return URLs, and binding to optional /path

var tupas = require('tupas').create(generalOptions);

Change configurations for existing banks or add new ones

var bankOptions = [
    id: 'nordea',
    imgPath: '/path/to/my/image.png',
    vendorId: 'production id',
    checksumKey: 'production key'
    id: 'my-new-bank',
    authUrl: "",
    version: "0002",
    keyVersion: "0001",
    idType: "01",
    imgPath: "/path/to/my/image.png",
    number: "420",
    vendorId: "xxxxxxx",
    checksumKey: "xxxxxxx"

var tupas = require('tupas').create(generalOptions, bankOptions);

Options for banks:

  • id - identifier for the bank (always use when configuring, see config.json for built-in options)
  • authUrl - url for the tupas authentication service
  • version - A01Y_VERS
  • keyVersion - A01Y_KEYVERS
  • idType - A01Y_IDTYPE
  • imgPath - path for the image used for the HTML form
  • number - bank number (e.g. 800 for DanskeBank)
  • vendorId - A01Y_RCVID
  • checksumKey - vendor specific key used in computing the MAC

Create TUPAS authentication "buttons" for configured banks

var requestId = "12345678987654321234"; // used as A01Y_STAMP
var buttonHtml = tupas.tupasButton('nordea', 'FI', requestId);

...or if you just want the request parameters without generating any HTML:

var params = tupas.buildRequestParams('nordea', 'FI', requestId);

Get a listing of all configured banks (IDs)

var banks = tupas.banks
// => ['danskebank', 'handelsbanken', 'nordea',
//     'op', 'aktia', 'alandsbanken', 'spankki',
//     'saastopankki', 'poppankki', 'my-new-bank']

Response handling

The module binds paths /tupas/ok (GET and POST), /tupas/cancel (only GET) and /tupas/reject (only GET) to the given Express app for use as return urls.

Response handling is event based.

tupas.on('success', function (request, response) {
  // Successful tupas authentication. Get auth data from request.query.

tupas.on('mac-check-failed', function (request, response) {
  // Successful tupas authentication but the message was faulty.

tupas.on('cancel', function (request, response) {
  // User cancelled authentication.

tupas.on('reject', function (request, response) {
  // Authentication attempt was rejected by the bank.

Sample application

See sample/app.js for a simple usage example. Run the sample app locally with node sample/start-sample.js.


A configurable Node.js module for TUPAS identification.




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