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Utility library for promisifying node-postgres using Bluebird promises with Bluebird's resource management functionality.

Why use pg-using-bluebird instead of just using node-postgres directly? pg-using-bluebird provides a convenient interface with Bluebird promises and resource cleanup with the using syntax, making DB querying in app code very concise and easy to read.

This project is based on the postgres example in Bluebird's documentation.


npm install pg-using-bluebird


const Promise = require('bluebird'),
  pgUsingBluebird = require('pg-using-bluebird'),
  db = pgUsingBluebird({dbUrl: "postgres://localhost/pgrm-tests"}),
  using = Promise.using

using(db.getConnection(), connection =>
  connection.queryAsync("select 1").then(res => {
).finally(() => {

See connection-test.js for more complete examples. Note that Bluebird's using will handle cleanup of a connection and db.end() needs to be called only when closing the entire pool.

API Documentation

Requiring this module returns a function takes a single parameter object with at least the URL to the DB ({dbUrl: "myUrl"}) and initializes a connection pool with 20 connections. Parameters are passed directly to node-postgres, refer to node-postgres documentation for configuration options. See tests for sample usage.

The initializer returns an object with the following functions:

getConnection() returns a DB connection

getTransaction([tablesToLock]) returns a DB transaction, 1st argument is an optional list of tables to lock

queryAsync(query, [args]) performs a query with the optional argument list inserted into the query. Returns the result object.

queryRowsAsync(query, [args]) performs a query with the optional argument list inserted into the query. Returns the resulting rows.

createMultipleInsertCTE(insert) creates a common table expression (CTE) for multiple inserts, returns an object with text for the query and values for the arguments.

on(event, fn) attach and event handler fn to the pool event event, see node-postgres documentation for event types

end() shut down the connection pool, returns a promise

Both connection and transaction objects have the methods queryAsync(query, [args]) for executing a query and returning the result object and queryRowsAsync(query, [args]) for executing a query and returning the resulting rows. The query can be a string or a query object, refer to node-postgres' documentation for the various options for query objects.


  • pg-promise, a more generic Promises/A+ promisification of node-postgres with more features and more code.
  • dbh-pg, a node-postgres and bluebird specific library with it's own api for querying.


Resource management for node-postgres connections and transactions using bluebird




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