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Various tech "stacks" for Real Dev tasks
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A stack is a term used to describe what "tech stack" is used in Real Dev's task submission, for example, in real.json:

  "task": "hello-real-world",
  // Use NodeJS stack to run my code
  "stack": {
    "type": "nodejs"

What stacks are supported?

We currently have support for the following stacks:

Each stack type comes with some options. For example, the version of Python or NodeJS can be configured.

Refer to README under each folder for details and options.

Why open source?

Two reasons:

  1. It helps to understand how things run, hence helps debugging. It also set examples for customizing the runtime with docker or docker-compose stack.
  2. We are only familiar with a few things. We want to leverage the power of all creative devs in the community to support as many languages as possible.

Please do consider adding your favorite framework/languages here!

How to request my favorite language/contribute?

Create an issue in this repo. We'll try to make your language available.

Better yet, follow up with a pull request, it's quite easy with some basic knowledge of Docker. Just follows these notes.

  • There are two steps regarding running the code
    1. build step - Builds the code into a Docker image
    2. run step - Start a fresh container for each test case
  • All the files under the stack setup will be copied into a folder called .real
    • The folder structure looks like
        user submission files...
          stack files...
    • It's built with docker build -f .real/Dockerfile --build-arg <OPTION>=<VALUE> .
  • Create a for the stack, explaining its purpose, and available options

Not so bad, right? Refer to python3 and nodejs as examples.

That's it!

Always feel free to reach out, here or on our website.

Enjoy being a Real Developer!

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