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@mikeb01 mikeb01 released this 21 Aug 01:31
· 54 commits to master since this release

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  • Add port manager to C and Java drivers to allow for a limited range of ports that can be used when subscription endpoint addresses and publication control addresses specify a port of 0. This can make network access configuration simpler (Driver).
  • Wait for end of stream event on the log instead of the counter becoming unavailable before entering into a new Election (Cluster).
  • Close log publications before trying to stop recording to speed up graceful leader step down (Cluster).
  • Ignore resting subscription positions when calculating join position or draining driver entities when tethering is being used (C Driver).
  • Extensions points to support Standby Snapshots (Cluster).
  • Ensure that the clusterDirectoryName field is synced with the clusterDir configuration parameter during conclude in ConsensusModule and ClusterBacker (Cluster).
  • Cluster tutorial updates (Documentation).
  • Extract invocation of background work in the service container.
  • Do not fail if Aeron directory exists, but the CnC file does not (C Driver).
  • Use aeron_errcode to get the latest error code when reporting problems creating the Aeron directory (C Driver).
  • Don't let a bounded replay go beyond counter value to stop position so commit position can be used for replay (Archive).
  • Add addition example Authentication and Authorisation services (Archive/Cluster).
  • Add additional documentation to specify details when Authorisation is used (Archive/Cluster).
  • Clarify logic about extending a replay while being bounded (Archive).
  • Changes to host name resolution on start up (Driver).
    • Perform host name resolution once and track its execution time via the duty cycle tracker and the event log.
    • Use <unresolved> as a host name if it cannot be resolved instead of null.
    • Fix GCC 9 warning
    • Await initial counters being updated by the conductor thread before reading the values.
  • Trigger graceful leader close election based on recording stop signal (Archive).
  • Add end of stream position to Subscriptions (Client).
  • Allow for relocatable mark files for the ConsensusModule, ClusteredServiceContainer, and ClusterBackup (Cluster).
  • Move close operations on MDS transports on the conductor not the receiver thread (C Driver).
  • Allow preparing for new leadership to be less serial to reduce election time (Cluster).
  • Async removal of destinations as log adaptor closes when preparing for election (Cluster).
  • Fix CMD_OUT_ERROR log format (C Driver).
  • Fix aeron_err_clear() (C).
  • C driver handle untethered subscriptions correctly, ensure that tethering behaviour matches Java driver (C Driver).
  • Fix name in toString (Java Client).
  • Improve error message (C++ Archive Client).
  • Clean up Apple M1 compilation. Move loss reporter function into compilation unit. Add pragmas to account for unused but set variables (C).
  • Add logging to track information when a ReplicationSession ends (Archive).
  • Add deduplication step for aeron-agent jar.
  • Add deduplication step for aeron-all jar.
  • Add an annotation processor to generate a version class for a number of the Aeron packages.
  • Include the git sha in the version C binaries.
  • Extract untetheredWindowLimit method.
  • Upgrade to SBE 1.29.0.
  • Upgrade to JUnit 5.10.0.
  • Upgrade to Agrona 1.19.1.