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Celebrate! Rejoice! Client Dash 1.5 is released. This version of Client Dash is a ground breaking one. It introduces a huge amount of new features. Version 1.5 focuses on the new dashboard widget customization tools.

Dashboard Widgets

Ever wanted to customize the dashboard widgets, but don't want to code? Well that's unfortunate, because WordPress does not allow this. But wait! What's that? A bird? A plane? A super awesome WordPress plugin? It's Client Dash! Now you have the tools at hand to customize the crap out of the dashboard. You can do the following:

  • Re-order any existing dashboard widget with an easy to use, drag and drop system.
  • Add or remove any available widget.
  • Completely drop Client Dash core widgets.

Simply hop on over to Settings -> Widgets and just go nuts!


Display (previously Roles)

We've renamed the "Roles" section to "Display". Why? Well, just to make things more complicated! Okay... not really. We've added some new features and improvements to the Roles section that just made it seem more appropriate to name it Display.

There's now convenient on/off switches for completely disabling pages globally with one click. There's also a new "Reset" button for the Display tab. Have you gone too crazy with customizing and want to set it back to the default? Simply press the button. Oh, and we've also added role defaults to what we think makes the most sense. We also went ahead and reversed the checkbox logic. Because it didn't really make sense before... Now if something is checked, it's visible. If it's not checked, it's not visible. We've ALSO added some handy tool tips to let you know if the page is disabled for everyone so you can turn it off with the switch instead.

Content Sections (previously Content Blocks)

Oh boy... they're renaming everything! Content blocks used to stack vertically on each tab. Which could easily get crazy tall. Now they're broken up into sections that function similarly to tabs, but just underneath in another tier. They're more of "sections" now.


Finally, we've added a "Tools" tab. Right now, this tab just contains a button to perform a global setting reset (which is awesome by the way), but we have big plans for the future of this tab.