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You may want to sit down for this update. Although... if you're on a computer, chances are you're already sitting, which is great, stay like that.

Version 1.6 includes the ground-breaking feature of admin menu customization. Read more or just download it to see what I mean!

Admin Menu Customization

How many times have you wanted to mess around with the admin menu? (oh by the way, the admin menu is the vertical tool bar on the left side of the screen when in the back-end of your site) Well guess what, that's not super easy. Sure, with a few lines of code you can remove an item or two. But what about renaming? Changing icons? Even moving sub-menus to parent items? Well, good luck. It's not so simple and requires some development knowledge.

Well, fear not, for Client Dash is here! Client Dash now allows you to customize the admin bar to your liking with the awesome drag and drop system your already used to, the nav menu editor screen. Yes, you can now edit your admin menu just like any other menu in WordPress! It's as simple as drag, drop, rename! You can even add custom links.


Want to know the best part? I think you do. When you create a new admin menu it only applies to whichever role you create if for. So you can have different admin menus for each and every role, fine tuned to exactly how you want it. Crazy right?

Dashboard Widget Improvements

I hope none of you saw our initial Settings -> Widgets page and thought, "Man, this looks like a slightly worse version of the WordPress widget customizer!" Because it did... Well, we've rebuilt it from the ground up! And while you may not notice the changes at first, rest assured it's vastly better. It now uses the native WP API for widgets (instead of just mimicking it).

So go give that another look!


Developers can rejoice because extending Client Dash has never been easier than 1.6!

We've ramped up our efforts in making Client Dash super easy to extend by implementing a new API for widgets, menus, and settings. This, coupled with the new and improved Client Dash Extension Boilerplate!, means that creating extensions is a piece of cake!

We've also added some other basic improvements. So please download this new version and, most importantly, enjoy :)