This is a fork of the NodeJS-driven Dashboard of the free Dropbox alternative SparkleShare
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fanout @ ee689b1

This is a fork of the NodeJS-driven Dashboard of the free Dropbox alternative SparkleShare. The original repository was removed from github from the author because of the "lack of interest" of the community.

This version contains only a few little patches:

  • better compatibility with older Git versions
  • slightly improved rendering of contextual links in the folder view
  • the ability to download (sub)folder contents as zip files

The patches are - just like the original sources - released under the GNU Affero General Public License v3.

Please have a look at the file for more detailed information how to get the Dashboard up and running.

Have fun

What follows are the original contents of the file...

SparkleShare-Dashboard - A simple web interface to your SparkleShare server.


SparkleShare-Dashboard provides users with a simple web interface to their SparkleShare server. It will provide a mechanism to authorize more devices; a service that handles announcements to other clients; a web API that mobile device clients are able to hook up to, and a way to see your folders from your browser (if not encrypted).

The interface should be really easy to set up.

Ofcourse, "easy" is a relative term, and people are usually considered geeky already when they have their own private (virtual) server.

However, many people know how to set up a basic website, or how to set up a Wordpress blog, so they can help others who are less interested in digital technology, but do care about privacy and freedom.

So that is the goal: simplicity. You should be able to set up SparkleShare-Dashboard in no more than 3 terminal commands. This includes logging into your server and download the package. From there, it needs to Just Work (TM). After that, you should be able to connect to it by providing the address (given) and a PIN, or a button that opens a file with a SparkleShare mimetype, so it take only one click to connect.

Design decisions

The server will be build on NodeJS. This is for several reasons: it doesn't have many dependencies (in fact it compiles on most default systems), it's easy to add javascript libraries, it's light, and it seems to be all the rage lately.

UI design

Mockups are going on in hbons/SparkleShare-Design-Corner. Feel free to fork and add your ideas.

======= sparkleshare-dashboard