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Offline markdown to pdf, choose -> edit -> transform šŸ„‚
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It just works!


Awesome Markdown to PDF!

- Online? Upload to stranger server?
+ Try Offline Web App!

How to use md2pdf?

  1. Click button choose .md file.
  2. Edit in editor (left panel).
  3. Click Transform!
  4. Switch 'Destination' to Save as PDF.
  5. Chrome recommended


  • Resize the layout what you want.
  • After click Transform button, inverse the checkbox of 'Headers and Footers'.
  • 反éøé é¦–čˆ‡é å°¾.

What's special?

  • You can use html tag!
Hey I'm in blockquote!

LICENSE MIT Ā© 2019 realdennis

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