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A curated list of original and reverse-engineered vintage 6502 game sourcecode.


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RetroRE 6502

A brief and incomplete list of reverse-engineered and original vintage-gaming sourcecode for systems based on my favourite CPU, the 6502.

Check out cbmsrc for original 6502 kernal + peripheral sources!

Acorn Electron

Game Year Link Original RE Note
Crazee Rider 1987 Github ORIGINAL
Galaforce 1 1986 Github ORIGINAL
Planetoid 1983 Github Partial

Apple II

Game Year Link Original RE Note
Bilestoad, The 1982 Github ORIGINAL
Bomber 1986 Full
Choplifter 1982 Github Full
Deathmaze 5000 1980 Full
Elite 1985 Partial
Epoch 1981 Full
Phantom's Five 1980 Full
Pinball Construction Set 1982 Github ORIGINAL
Prince of Persia 1989 Github ORIGINAL
Robotron: 2084 1983 Github Partial
Scott Adams Adventures 1981 Full
Space Eggs 1981 Full
Stellar 7 1983 Full


Game Year Link Original RE Note
Asteroids 1979 Github ORIGINAL
Asteroids Deluxe 1980 Github ORIGINAL
Atari Baseball 1979 Github ORIGINAL
Atari Football 1978 Github ORIGINAL
Atari Mini Golf 1978 Github ORIGINAL Prototype
Battlezone 1980 Github ORIGINAL
Canyon Bomber 1977 Github ORIGINAL
Centipede 1981 Github ORIGINAL
Cops'n'Robbers 1976 Github ORIGINAL
Crystal Castles 1983 Github ORIGINAL
Gravitar 1982 Github ORIGINAL
Lunar Lander 1979 Github ORIGINAL
Millipede 1982 Github ORIGINAL
Missile Command 1980 Github ORIGINAL
Night Driver 1976 Github ORIGINAL
Red Baron 1980 Github ORIGINAL
Space Duel 1980 Github ORIGINAL
Starship 1 1978 Github ORIGINAL
Super Breakout 1978 Github ORIGINAL
Tempest 1981 Github ORIGINAL
Warlords 1980 Github ORIGINAL

Atari 2600

Game Year Link Original RE Note
A-Team 19xx Partial
Air Sea Battle 1977 Github Full
Air Sea Battle 1977 Github Full
Astroblast 1982 Github Full
Barnstorming 1982 Github Full
Basketball 1977 Github Full
Berzerk 1982 Full
Boxing 1980 Github Full
Canyon Bomber 1979 Github Full
Centipede 1982 Github Full
Combat 1977 Full
Cosmic Ark 1982 Full
Demons to Diamonds 1982 Github Full
Donkey Kong 1982 Full
Donkey Kong 1982 Github Full
Dragonfire 1982 Full
Dragster 1980 Github Full
E.T. 1982 Github Full
Fast Eddie 1982 Github Full
Fishing Derby 1981 Github Full
Football 1979 Github Full
Freeway 1981 Full
Frostbite 1983 Github Full
Gopher 1982 Github Full
Hangman 1978 Github Full
Haunted House 1982 Github Partial
Indy 500 1977 Github Partial
Jawbreaker 1982 Full
Jawbreaker 1982 Github Full
Kaboom 1981 Full
Kaboom 1981 Github Full
Lazerblast 1981 Github Full
Lock'n'Chase 1982 Github Full
Missile Command 1981 Github Full
Mouse Trap 1982 Github Full
Outlaw 1978 Full
Pitfall! 1982 Github Full
Plaque Attack 1983 Github Full
Red vs. Blue 1981 Github Full
Riddle of the Sphinx / Dank Tower 1982 Full
River Raid 1982 Full
Seaquest 1983 Github Full
Sky Diver 1978 Github Full
Smurf 1982 Github Full
Space Jockey 1982 Full
Space Jockey 1982 Github Full
Star Master 1982 Full
Superman 1979 Github Full
Surround 1977 Full
Venture 1981 Full
Video Chess 1982 Full And an interesting article

Atari 7800

Game Year Link Original RE Note
Asteroids 1987 Github ORIGINAL
Centipede 1987 Github ORIGINAL
Commando 1989 Github ORIGINAL
Crossbow 1988 Github ORIGINAL
Dig Dug 1987 Github ORIGINAL
Food Fight 1987 Github ORIGINAL
Galaga 1986 Github ORIGINAL
Hat-Trick 1987 Github ORIGINAL
Joust 1988 Github ORIGINAL
Ms. PacMan 1986 Github ORIGINAL
Robotron: 2084 1987 Github Full
Robotron: 2084 1987 Github ORIGINAL
Sphinx 1987 Github ORIGINAL Nile Flyer/Desert Falcon
Super Stunt Cycle 1989 Github ORIGINAL
Xevious 1986 Github ORIGINAL

Atari 8-bit

Game Year Link Original RE Note
Anteater 1982 Github ORIGINAL
Blue Max 1983 atariage ORIGINAL In thread
Bruce Lee 1984 Github Partial
Buck Rogers 1982 ORIGINAL Paper listing
Dandy 1983 ORIGINAL
Donkey Kong 1983 atariage ORIGINAL In thread
Fort Apocalypse 1982 Github ORIGINAL
Getaway! 1982 Github ORIGINAL
M.U.L.E. 1983 bringerp Commented Comprehensive document
Pac-Man 1982 atariwiki ORIGINAL
Pinball Construction Set 1983 Github ORIGINAL
Preppie! 1982 ORIGINAL
Preppie! II 1983 ORIGINAL
Princess and the Frog, The 1982 Github ORIGINAL
Sea Chase 1983 Github ORIGINAL
Sea Dragon 1982 ORIGINAL
Star Raiders 1979 Github Full
Star Raiders 1979 ORIGINAL Paper listing
Up'n Down 1983 ORIGINAL Paper listing

BBC Micro

Game Year Link Original RE Note
Aviator 1983 Github Full
Crazee Rider 1987 Github ORIGINAL
Exile 1988 Github Full
Elite 1984 Github ORIGINAL
Galaforce 1986 Github ORIGINAL
Manic Miner 1984 Github Full
Revs 1985 Github Full
Stunt Car Racer 2019 Github ORIGINAL BBC port
Thrust 1986 Github Full

Commodore 64

Game Year Link Original RE Note
Alien 3 1992 Github ORIGINAL
Altered Beast 1989 Github ORIGINAL
Archon 1983 Github Full
Atomic Robokid 1990 Github ORIGINAL
Attack of the Mutant Camels 1983 Github Full
Beach Head 1983 csdb Full
Bounty Bob Strikes Back 1984 csdb Full
Castles of Dr. Creep III 1984 csdb Full
Commando 1985 Gitlab Full
Elite 1985 Github Full With patches
Habitat 1986 Github ORIGINAL
Hunchback 1984 Github Full
Gridrunner 1983 Github Full
Iridis Alpha 1986 Github Full And a book!
Kickman 1982 Github ORIGINAL
Laser Zone 1983 Github WIP
Le Mans 1983 Github Full
Lode Runner 1983 Github Full
Championship Lode Runner 1984 Github Full
Miner 2049'er 1983 csdb Full
Nemesis the Warlock 1987 Github ORIGINAL
Omega Race 1982 Github ORIGINAL Ultimax version
Rambo 1986 Github Full
Rampage 1987 Github ORIGINAL
Slaine 1987 Github ORIGINAL
Skool Daze 1984 Github Full
Stunt Car Racer 1989 Github Partial From the BBC port project
Wizard of Wor 1982 Github ORIGINAL Ultimax version
Wizard of Wor 1983 Github Full


Game Year Link Original RE Note
Akira 1988 Github Partial
Backgammon 1990 Github Partial
Balloon Fight 1984 Github Full
Chip'n'Dale 2 1992 Github Partial
Contra 1987 Github Full
Days of Thunder 1990 Github ORIGINAL Unreleased
Dragon Warrior 1987 Github Full
Final Fantasy 1987 Github Full
Green Beret 1987 Github Partial
HeroQuest 199x Github ORIGINAL Unreleased
Jackal 1988 Github Full
James Bond Jr. 1991 shrigley ORIGINAL
Magician 1990 shrigley ORIGINAL
Mega Man 3 1990 Github Partial
Mega Man 4 1991 Github Partial
Mega Man 5 1992 Github Partial
Mega Man 6 1993 Github Partial
Metroid 1986 Github Full
Mike Tyson's Punch Out! 1987 Github Partial
New Ghostbusters II 1992 Github Partial
Ninja Hattori Kun 1986 Github ORIGINAL
Robocop 3 1992 Github Partial
Sim City 1991 Github Partial Unreleased
Super Mario Bros 1985 Github Full
Super Mario Bros 3 1990 Github Full
Tecmo Super Bowl 1991 Github Full
Tetris 1989 Github Full
Zelda, The Legend Of 1985 Github WIP
Zelda, The Legend Of 1985 Github Full