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Commits on Apr 30, 2011
  1. Peter J Weisberg
  2. Peter J Weisberg

    Make `magit-diff-none` face inherit from `diff-context` face.

    pjweisberg authored
    For visual consistency with diff-mode
  3. Peter J Weisberg

    Create a "Magit Classic" theme

    pjweisberg authored
    The theme restores Magit's default faces to the way they were before
  4. Steve Purcell Peter J Weisberg

    Inherit standard faces where possible to make magit less hostile to c…

    purcell authored pjweisberg committed
    Just as org inherits various faces from outline-mode, there are plenty
    of built-in faces which can serve as a logical base for magit's
    faces. This patch adds :inherit to several faces, and there may be an
    opportunity to add more. Failing to inherit faces where it is
    reasonable to do so means that magit is likely to look odd for users
    who have installed custom color-themes, which typically only redefine
    the more basic faces.
  5. Peter J Weisberg

    Install `magit` shell script

    pjweisberg authored
    Installed in `/usr/local/bin` as part of the `install_contrib` target.
  6. Peter J Weisberg

    Merge branch 'shell-script'

    pjweisberg authored
  7. Peter J Weisberg
  8. Peter J Weisberg
  9. Peter J Weisberg
  10. Peter J Weisberg

    New feature: if not in a git directory and no command line arg given,…

    pjweisberg authored
    … call magit-status interactively instead of asking to create a git repository in the current directory.
  11. Peter J Weisberg


    pjweisberg authored
  12. Peter J Weisberg

    Implemented Phil Jackson's request for an option to open Magit in an …

    pjweisberg authored
    …existing frame.
    Also added some --help text to let people know what the option is
  13. Peter J Weisberg

    Fixed a bug I introduced when I put in "grep" to check the error stri…

    pjweisberg authored
    …ng. I was losing the error code from the first part of the pipeline.
  14. Peter J Weisberg

    Clean up Makefile in `make dist` target

    pjweisberg authored
    Per @sigma's suggestion, simplify the sed expression to replace the
    version number and remove the sed lines from the Makefile that don't
    make sense in the distributed version.
  15. Peter J Weisberg

    Automatically determine version within the GIT repository.

    pjweisberg authored
    The version number is set to the output of `git describe --tags
    --dirty`.  If the current HEAD is tagged (as released version are),
    then that will be the name of the tag.  Otherwise it will be the tag
    name, plus the number of commits on top of that tag, plus a short hash
    of the exact commit, plus "-dirty" if there are changes in the working
    tree.  Thus, the version number will actually tell us the exact
    version being used when a development snapshot is installed
    The Makefile's `dist` and `install` targets will substitute in the
    proper version numbers when they create files to be used outside the
    Git directory.
    bin/mk_rel.bash has been simplified greatly, since there's no longer
    any consistency checking for it to do.
Commits on Apr 29, 2011
  1. Peter J Weisberg

    Include contrib directory in the Makefile

    pjweisberg authored
    This adds the contrib files to the tarball and adds two new install
    targets, install_contrib and install_all, whose purpose should be
    obvious from their names.
  2. Pieter Praet
Commits on Apr 28, 2011
  1. Peter J Weisberg
  2. Yann Hodique

    update URLs in

    sigma authored
  3. Yann Hodique

    fix issue #2

    sigma authored sigma committed
    Seems we are kind of reinventing the wheel with `magit-log-fill-paragraph'.
    Instead of providing a custom `fill-paragraph-function', just customize the
    paragraph definition.
    Closes #2
    Signed-off-by: Yann Hodique <>
  4. Yann Hodique

    Merged pull request #183 from alanfalloon/master.

    sigma authored
    Add autoload and docstring to rebase-mode
  5. Alan Falloon

    Add autoload comment on command to add rebase-mode to auto-mode-alist

    alanfalloon authored
    Add an autoload magic comment to the command that sets up the
    git-rebase-todo buffer to automatically switch to rebase-mode. For
    users who use the autoloads, this will update auto-mode-alist before
    rebase-mode.el is loaded.
  6. Alan Falloon
Commits on Apr 27, 2011
  1. Peter J Weisberg
  2. Rémi Vanicat
Commits on Apr 26, 2011
  1. Hannu Koivisto
  2. Hannu Koivisto

    magit-goto-next-section over "Commits in ..." in log buffer, take two

    azuk authored
    This accomplishes what 2ba651c did but in
    a way consistent with other sections and so that auto-more-entries (see the
    next commit) can be easily added.
  3. Hannu Koivisto

    Make magit-status use configurable buffer switching function.

    azuk authored
    You can get the old magit-status behaviour back by using switch-to-buffer.
  4. Peter J Weisberg

    Merged pull request #171 from pjweisberg/link-commits.

    pjweisberg authored
    Cross-reference commits
  5. Peter J Weisberg

    Typo: s/nill/nil/

    pjweisberg authored
  6. Peter J Weisberg

    Grammar: s/much/many/

    pjweisberg authored
  7. Peter J Weisberg

    Use `ediff-quit-hook` instead of `ediff-after-quit-hook-internal`.

    pjweisberg authored
    Requires the third argument to add-hook, because `ediff-cleanup-mess` relies on buffer-local variables, so `magit-ediff-restore` must run *after* it.
  8. Peter J Weisberg
  9. Peter J Weisberg

    Avoid walking the tree to generate completion candidates for `magit-r…

    pjweisberg authored
    …ead-file-from-rev` more than once per revision.
    The results of prior calls are stored in an alist called `magit-tree-contents-cache-internal`.
Commits on Apr 25, 2011
  1. Rémi Vanicat

    Correct a bug in 2a53872

    vanicat authored
    * magit-key-mode.el (magit-key-mode-build-keymap): when there are a
      prefix key, lookup-key may return a number. Just disregard this for
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