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This repo contains the source code for my blog

Built with

The project makes use of as a static site generator and as a headless CMS. When used together, a static blog site like this can be created. It can also be hosted on static hosting like

How can I use this source to create my own blog?



  1. Clone this repo to your PC or fork it if you like
  2. Go to repo folder on your PC and install dependencies with npm install or yarn
  3. Create a file in the root folder called .env.private

Inside the .env.private file, add the following and replace the dots with your information


Use the following shell commands as needed

npm run develop # run in development, visit http://localhost:8000
npm run build # generate production build
npm run serve # serve production build

Hosting your static site

You can use any static site hosting you like. Simple options are to upload the files to an S3 bucket or use a service like

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