RealGravity Coding Challenge
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RealGravity Coding Challenge

This repository is part of RealGravity's hiring process for Engineers. Applicants seeking a position with RealGravity should fork this repository, and work through the coding challenges.

The overall instructions are straightforward. Solve each of the problems as best you can. Feel free to offer more than one solution, but keep in mind that we are not looking for 'right' answers, we are trying to measure basic programming competence.

Each of the sub-directories contains a problem, or set of related problems. There is a README in each of those, that will provide a summary of what we are looking for. All solutions should be done in the same directory as the README (or under that directory, if you prefer).

As you complete a solution, please commit it to your repository. That will allow us to see each of your solutions as either a single commit or single merge in the git history.

See the example_solution.rb file for an example of how answers can be provided.