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@johndyer johndyer authored
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@@ -81,9 +81,16 @@ You can use this as a standalone library if you wish, or just stick with the ful
* Full support for Ender.js, including mediaelement-and-player-standalone which includes ender.
* thin line when controls are off
* system-wide events
-* playlist builder
* Ogg/Theora playback
-* Better alignment with native MediaElement (using techniques)
+* Better alignment with native MediaElement (using techniques)
+*2.11.1 (2012/04/09) *
+* Removed Ogg, WebM, and MP3 files to keep download under 10MB. Files are now at
+* Protocol relative YouTube URLs for IFRAME API (dtsosie) (
+* Added aria-label to all button elements (Luzifer) (
+* Fixed preroll adclick URL (johndyer)
+* Traditional chinese locale strings for i18n module (latzt) (
*2.11.0 (2012/03/13)*
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