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;;; Copyright (C) 2010, 2012-2015 Free Software Foundation, Inc
;; Author: Rocky Bernstein <>
;; This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
;; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
;; (at your option) any later version.
;; This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; GNU General Public License for more details.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with this program. If not, see <>.
;;; source-code buffer code
(defvar realgud-srcbuf-info) ;; is buffer local
(defvar realgud-cmdbuf-info) ;; in the cmdbuf, this is buffer local
(require 'cl-lib)
(require 'load-relative)
(require-relative-list '("../helper" "../key") "realgud-")
(declare-function realgud-populate-common-keys 'realgud-menu)
(declare-function buffer-killed? 'realgud-helper)
(declare-function buffer-loc-line-number? 'realgud-loc)
(declare-function realgud-cmdbuf-add-srcbuf 'realgud-cmdbuf)
(declare-function realgud-cmdbuf-info-bp-list 'realgud-cmdbuf)
(declare-function realgud-cmdbuf? 'realgud-cmdbuf)
(declare-function realgud-loc-marker 'realgud-loc)
(declare-function realgud-loc-line-number 'realgud-loc)
(declare-function realgud-loc-num 'realgud-loc)
(declare-function make-realgud-loc-hist 'realgud-lochist)
(declare-function realgud-get-srcbuf 'helper)
(declare-function realgud-short-key-mode-setup 'realgud-shortkey)
(defstruct realgud-srcbuf-info
"debugger object/structure specific to a (top-level) source program
to be debugged."
cmdproc ;; buffer of the associated debugger process
cur-pos ;; If not nil, the debugger thinks we are currently
;; positioned at a corresponding place in the
;; program.
short-key? ;; Was the source buffer previously in short-key
;; mode? Used to deterimine when short-key mode
;; changes state in a source buffer, so we need to
;; perform on/off actions.
was-read-only? ;; Was buffer initially read only? (i.e. the original
;; value of the buffer's buffer-read-only
;; variable. Short-key-mode may change the read-only
;; state, so we need restore this value when leaving
;; short-key mode
prev-local-map ;; Local map before enabling short-key-mode
loc-hist ;; ring of locations seen
;;(brkpt-alist '()) ;; alist of breakpoints the debugger has referring
;; to this buffer. Each item is (brkpt-name . marker)
(defalias 'realgud-srcbuf-info? 'realgud-srcbuf-p)
;; FIXME: figure out how to put in a loop.
(realgud-struct-field-setter "realgud-srcbuf-info" "cmdproc")
(realgud-struct-field-setter "realgud-srcbuf-info" "short-key?")
(realgud-struct-field-setter "realgud-srcbuf-info" "was-read-only?")
(realgud-struct-field-setter "realgud-srcbuf-info" "prev-local-map")
(defun realgud-srcbuf-info-set? ()
"Return non-nil if `realgud-srcbuf-info' is set."
(and (bound-and-true-p realgud-srcbuf-info)
(realgud-srcbuf-info? realgud-srcbuf-info)))
(defun realgud-srcbuf? (&optional buffer)
"Return non-nil if BUFFER is a debugger source buffer."
(with-current-buffer-safe (or buffer (current-buffer))
(and (realgud-srcbuf-info-set?)
(not (buffer-killed? (realgud-sget 'srcbuf-info 'cmdproc)))
(defun realgud--read-cmd-buf (prompt)
"Read a command buffer, prompting with PROMPT."
(let* ((cmd-bufs (cl-remove-if-not #'realgud-cmdbuf? (buffer-list)))
(buf-names (mapcar #'buffer-name cmd-bufs))
(default (car buf-names)))
(when buf-names
;; Use completing-read instead of read-buffer: annoyingly, ido's
;; read-buffer ignores predicates.
(setq prompt (format "%s (default: %s): " prompt default))
(get-buffer (completing-read prompt buf-names nil t nil nil default)))))
(defun realgud--ensure-attached (&optional src-buf)
"Try to attach SRC-BUF to a command buffer.
If SRC-BUF is already attached, do nothing. Otherwise, prompt
the user for a command buffer to associate SRC-BUF to. Returns
non-nil if association was successful. SRC-BUF defaults to
current buffer."
(setq src-buf (or src-buf (current-buffer)))
(unless (realgud-srcbuf? src-buf)
(let ((cmd-buf (realgud--read-cmd-buf "Command buffer to attach to")))
(if cmd-buf
(realgud-srcbuf-init src-buf cmd-buf)
(message "No debugger process found to attach %s to" (buffer-name)))))
(realgud-srcbuf? src-buf))
(defun realgud-srcbuf-debugger-name (&optional src-buf)
"Return the debugger name recorded in the debugger command-process buffer."
(with-current-buffer-safe (or src-buf (current-buffer))
(realgud-sget 'srcbuf-info 'debugger-name))
(defun realgud-srcbuf-loc-hist(src-buf)
"Return the history ring of locations that a debugger process has stored."
(with-current-buffer-safe src-buf
(realgud-sget 'srcbuf-info 'loc-hist))
(declare-function fn-p-to-fn?-alias(sym))
(fn-p-to-fn?-alias 'realgud-srcbuf-info-p)
(declare-function realgud-srcbuf-info?(var))
(declare-function realgud-cmdbuf-info-name(cmdbuf-info))
;; FIXME: support a list of cmdprocs's since we want to allow
;; a source buffer to potentially participate in several debuggers
;; which might be active.
(make-variable-buffer-local 'realgud-srcbuf-info)
(defun realgud-srcbuf-init
(src-buffer cmdproc-buffer)
"Initialize SRC-BUFFER as a source-code buffer for a debugger.
CMDPROC-BUFFER is the process-command buffer containing the
(with-current-buffer cmdproc-buffer
(set-buffer src-buffer)
(set (make-local-variable 'realgud-srcbuf-info)
:cmdproc cmdproc-buffer
:loc-hist (make-realgud-loc-hist)))
(put 'realgud-srcbuf-info 'variable-documentation
"Debugger information for a buffer containing source code.")))
(defun realgud-srcbuf-init-or-update (src-buffer cmdproc-buffer)
"Call `realgud-srcbuf-init' for SRC-BUFFER update `realgud-srcbuf-info' variables
in it with those from CMDPROC-BUFFER"
(realgud-cmdbuf-add-srcbuf src-buffer cmdproc-buffer)
(with-current-buffer-safe src-buffer
;; use-local-map returns nil so e have to call (current-local-map)
;; again in this case.
(or (current-local-map) (use-local-map (make-sparse-keymap))
(if (realgud-srcbuf-info? realgud-srcbuf-info)
(realgud-srcbuf-info-cmdproc= cmdproc-buffer)
(realgud-srcbuf-init src-buffer cmdproc-buffer))))
(defun realgud:cmdbuf-associate ()
"Associate a command buffer with the current (source-code) buffer."
;; realgud-short-key-mode-setup will attempt to associate if needed.
(realgud-short-key-mode-setup t))
(defun realgud-srcbuf-bp-list(&optional buffer)
"Return a list of breakpoint loc structures that reside in
BUFFER. BUFFER should be an initialized source buffer."
(let ((src-buffer (realgud-get-srcbuf buffer)))
(if src-buffer
(with-current-buffer src-buffer
(let* ((info realgud-srcbuf-info)
(cmdbuf (realgud-srcbuf-info-cmdproc info)))
(with-current-buffer cmdbuf
(let ((bp-list
(realgud-cmdbuf-info-bp-list realgud-cmdbuf-info)))
(delq nil
(mapcar (lambda (loc)
(cond ((eq src-buffer
(marker-buffer (realgud-loc-marker loc)))
(defun realgud-get-bpnum-from-line-num(line-num &optional buffer)
"Find a breakpoint number associated with LINE-NUM in source code BUFFER.
If none exists return nil"
(let ((src-buffer (realgud-get-srcbuf buffer))
(bp-num nil)
(if src-buffer
(setq bp-list (realgud-srcbuf-bp-list src-buffer))
(while (and (not bp-num) bp-list)
(setq bp (car bp-list))
(setq bp-list (cdr bp-list))
(if (eq line-num (realgud-loc-line-number bp))
(setq bp-num (realgud-loc-num bp)))
(provide-me "realgud-buffer-")