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Android and libGDX 3D library

Parallax is a 3D library for Java. The original version uses Google Web Toolkit, the Java to JavaScript cross-compiler. GWT allows developers to write Java code and convert it to standard JavaScript during compilation.

Parallax's API and shaders are based on three.js.

The purpose of this fork is to port Parallax to Android and for use with libGDX. The Android fork uses Android's built-in libraries without the need for other third party libraries, but you can also target Android with the libGDX fork if you prefer.

Both forks are still at an early stage and incomplete, but the core features are now working.

Unfortunately, mainly due to limitations of Java, and the specialist nature of GWT, it will probably not be practical to unify these versions without changing the original API, compromising efficiency with forwarding functions, and/or using JNI extensively.

How to use the code

The 'master' branch is for Android. It basically adds an Android Studio app in the android folder, implementing the demo app, which is now available on Google Play. Please note that some of the demos use a lot of GPU and system memory so may appear glitchy or crash even on fairly high end devices. The Parallax code is in the top-level src directory in org/parallax3d. To use the library you will probably just want to add that folder to your own project. It's symlinked into the android app, so this may cause some difficulty on MS Windows.

The 'gdx' branch for libGDX is similar, except the gdx folder hierarchy contains a libGDX demo app. Unfortunately I seem to have chosen a demo that doesn't work properly with at least some desktop OpenGL drivers at 2.x profile.

Upstream Documentation

Stable version API Reference | Dev API Reference

Wiki | Bugs


Android and libGDX versions of the parallax 3D library based on three.js




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