Archive of Assembly Programs I made for Computer Organization and Architecture practical study. Teaching materials can be downloaded here:
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How to use Assembly?


  1. Text Editor (Suggested: Notepad++)
  2. DOSBox
  3. Compiler (Suggested: TASM/Turbo Assembler)


Make the program:

  1. Make the assembly file in text editor
  2. Save it in a folder with tasm package folder inside it

Compile the program:

  1. Open DOSBox
  2. Type:
  • mount g d:\assembly (can be replaced with your own directory)
  • g:
  • path g:\tasm\bin
  • tasm test1.asm (can be replaced with your own file name)
  • tlink/t test1.obj (can be replaced with your own file name)
  • test1