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DBot IRC Bot


DBot is an IRC bot which aims to be the fanciest IRC bot around - On the general standard of software fanciness, dbot is statistically rated as being '82% the same as bathing in fine, fine grape juice.'

Please note that this documentation is not complete and is a work in progress, given I started it rather a long time after I began development of the project. Please don't judge me too harshly for this as I am, in fact, mildly allergic to writing documentation.

Getting Started

To get started with DBot, you first need to decide on a database system to use. DBot uses the databank library, and each module can be configured to use any database driver databank supports in its respective config.json file. There is currently no default database driver option.

The default for all modules is the 'redis' driver, and you can simply install the Redis server to get going.

Once you have that set up, you can install DBot's dependencies, configure and run the bot for the first time with the following command:



If you have used a previous version of DBot, then you can migrate most data using the dbot-migrate module. Instructions on how to run this are included in the repository - remember to remove db.json after migration, otherwise the instance will be slow!