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JSBot is an IRC bot library written in Node JS.

With features like multiple server support and being 'pretty good, I guess,' JSBot is designed to be the IRC bot library of the future! For an example of a large project which uses JSBot, take a look at DepressionBot.

To get started with JSBot, take a look at the 'run.js' example provided with the code, then head on over to the online documentation.


0.3 I guess

  • Fixed an edge case with the IRC line tokenisation /potentially/ causing events to be parsed twice
  • Isolated all core channel/nick list logic in JOIN/PART/KICK/QUIT/NICK handlers
  • Removed useless timeout in 004 handler, switched it to handle 001 instead
  • Removed a duplicate send() call for IDENTIFY
  • Semantically reorganised source code
  • Various other improvements

speeddefrost <3


  • Multiple server support.
  • Functionality for certain users to ignore listeners with certain tags.
  • Better 'event' object passed to listeners.
  • Ability to 'reply' to events.


  • It connects to a server
  • Listeners
  • Ping/Pong
  • Some of the other functionality you'd expect, like, what do you want from me?