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A version of the gwt "contacts" example from google
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This is the gwt "contacts" tutorial application from google. The following enhancements have been made;

  • Upgrade to use the JDK logging emulation layer
  • Integrate "GWT RPC XSRF protection" to avoid Cross-Site Request Forgery
  • Use Google Gin as the client-side dependency injection framework
  • Converted to use the Activities & Places Framework for managing bookmarking inside the application, and to enable easy code splitting.
  • Split into multiple code modules (server, client and shared) to help in modularizing the code base.
  • Integration of checkstyle rules to help enforce good styles.
  • Conversion of the server-side to use EJBs for the service layer and JPA for the persistence layer.
  • Convert to using Domgen to generate service/event/entity boilerplate.
  • Conversion to using a maven-style source code layout and the Buildr tool to automate the builds.
  • Integration with the Intellij IDEA IDE added.

Getting Started

  • Download the right version of ruby.

  • Install the ruby dependencies. (i.e. "gem install bundler && bundler install")

  • Download dependencies and source for dependencies. Note: It is important to download source as the GWT compiler actually uses the source from dependencies to generate javascript. e.g. "buildr artifacts artifacts:sources"

  • Install the GWT and GlassFish Integration plugins into IDEA

  • Generate IDEA project files. e.g. "buildr idea"

  • Download and install GlassFish or later.

  • Setup GlassFish configuration in IDEA and make sure it deploys the contacts artifact when it starts up.

  • Learn and perform magic.

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